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The Goddess Speaks for 2024

It is that time of the year when many are counting down the time until the clock strikes midnight so they can bid 2023 a fond farewell and welcome in 2024.  Some will be glad to see the door close on this year with the anticipation that by doing so they can embrace positive changes.  Others may wonder how they will get through the upcoming year as they perhaps are moving through loss, scared of changes and have a sense of being overwhelmed.

In either case, we do well to remember that flipping the calendar is not all that is required to make changes in our lives. We need to be willing to release those thoughts and patterns that have not been serving us so we can move forward.  An open mind and heart, cleared of negative thoughts, memories, anger, hurt and jealousy will be the gateway for positive opportunities to be created, received and employed into our lives.

I felt guided to do a three card Goddess Speaks Reading for those of you reading  this blog.  I invite you to look closing at the cards, hear their message and then see if all or any of it apply to you.  I know someone out there needs this message.  

The Goddess Speaks Cards are the ones I use in my intuitive readings.  There are equal cards of the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone.  I shuffled the deck, stopped when directed and placed the cards accordingly.  As you can see, all three cards are Mother.  She is the one who is caring, protective, nurturing, and creative. 

The middle card is the first one drawn, and represents the main theme for this year…“Expectation”. Mother is encouraging you to ask yourself, “What is it I am expecting in my life this coming year? ”  This has two sides to its meaning.  

  • One is to remind you that in order to manifest you first have to set in your mind what it is you are desiring or in other words what are your expectations surrounding what you wish to bring into your life?  She is telling you to be ready for changes.
  • Second, as a warning to watch you do not set your expectations so high that they are blinding you from seeing all opportunities that will be presented to help you.  Too often you feel things need to follow a specific path and order so that your goals may be met and although it is good to have a clear picture of the outcome, you need to be mindful of what is going on around you.  There will be people there to help you…let them!

The card on the left, “Spiritual Evolution” is telling you that in order to reach your goals and to release a burden you are presenting carrying, you will do well to work on your personal spiritual evolution or growth.  You may already be meditating but perhaps you have let a daily practice slide these past few months and now is the time to bring that back into play.  Are there books, classes, workshops, you could attend that will increase your personal knowledge, get you thinking and asking questions so that you are moving forward and not staying in the past?  Are you at a point in life where you perhaps want to ask questions about your beliefs but have felt afraid?  This year is the time to step out of your shell and allow Spirit within to guide you.  This will open your mind to all possibilities, keep you positive and able to recognize the people and opportunities as they cross your path.

The last card on the right, “Movement”, is confirming that changes…the movement…will come this year.  It could be a physical move, as in changing locations, change of jobs, lifestyle, and whatever it is will be as a result of your spiritual evolution, being open to take a chance and changing your expectation on how things are to happen.  Don’t be afraid to grab hold of the opportunities that come to you, learn new things, meet new people, hear new ideas.  At that end of the day there are no wrong choices…yes, some will be better than others, but all have their purpose and place in your life’s journey.  Use every one of them as a chance to learn and grow. You are reminded that in order to see change in your life you first have to be willing to make the change!  As Einstein has been quoted, ” The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”  Make 2024 the year you discover “YOU”!