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Motivational Speaker

Rev. Janice Chrysler, Mindful Journey. Motivational Speaker

Your thoughts
create your

Are you planning an event or group function? Do you need a speaker to lift you up and motivate you? I will gladly come and talk at your event, your meeting or organizations event on a variety of topics.

As a certified hypnotherapist, meditation facilitator and author I can easily get the audience involved in some hypnosis exercises to show how the mind works, how we can create our own reality and then go on to discuss the importance of positive thinking in manifesting our future.

Perhaps you would like a talk on the benefits of meditation either strictly as a stress relief or a deeper look into how it is used for our Spiritual Development.

I am more than happy, excited actually, when I am asked to talk about some of my many cases of Journey of the Soul (past life regression) sessions and how they have helped the healing process for my clients and their amazing journeys in between lives.

Of course, it is always an honour anytime I have the opportunity to talk on the topics of my books, Make It Happen and Sally’s Closet.

Any of my workshop topics can be made into a talk for your group, workplace or event.  I have had the honour of being a guest speaker at a variety of events speaking anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour! Are you ready to be moved?

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