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Rev. Janice Chrysler, Mindful Journey. Hypnotherapy

Quiet the conscious mind and open your subconscious realms

I received my Certification as a Hypnotherapist through The National Guild of Hypnotists, which is internationally recognized for its training and members strong abiding to their strict code of ethics. All sessions, whether they are private or group are held in the utmost respect in regard to confidentiality. As well, I have received my Masters of Metaphysical Science through the University of Metaphysics.

Through hypnosis, I can assist others in bringing a sense of control back into their lives and then they are able to make changes necessary for their personal growth. Whether you are working through your fears, anxiety, grief, or need to learn positive ways to enrich your life, I can help you through hypnosis. One of my clients sums up the sessions this way:

“The treatments were awesome and very effective. I came out of each situation over the last year feeling stabilized, energized and enthused. I have learned about accessing my personal energy and uncovered a serious incident from the past that has certainly caused my life a great deal of strain. Moving past this situation has allowed my system to settle.”

Sessions can be held online using Zoom Meetings. The great advantage of this method is you can be in the comfort of your own home PLUS receive a recording of your session to review if you wish following the hypnosis.

Cost for a private session is $65 for one hour. These are booked under Spiritual Coaching Sessions. Simply use the link below.

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Journey of the Soul Session

Over the years I have assisted many of my clients with past life regressions.  These 1.5 to 2 hour sessions are what I now call Journey of the Soul. This session takes you inward to discover where your soul has been and what it has experienced in this life, past lives and often between lives.  Many people have come to understand their fears, habits, and life lessons that they need to learn in order to discover their true path today by taking this journey of the soul. Healing can take place to release Karma and unburden your soul so you can grow and move forward.

These sessions are most effective when done in a private setting however, group sessions are also very useful as a way of introduction to both hypnosis and past life regression. I have conducted a number of workshops on this topic.Read about Jane’s Journey of the Soul and see how it helped her uncover some interesting facts about herself.
Janes Story >>>

Cost for the Journey of the Soul is $150.  Book a session using the link below.

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Would you like to learn more about Journey of the Soul sessions? Why not listen to Life is a Journey podcast and hear how a past life regression can benefit you here and now?

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“Janice has been a great resource for me on my spiritual path and her hypnosis and readings have always helped me. I would highly recommend having a reading from her and using her services.” D.R

“My Past Life Regression session was very helpful in learning what my purpose for this life incarnation is.  It left me feeling very positive and grounded and is helping me make life choices with confidence.  I no longer feel lost or overwhelmed.  Thanks Janice!”