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Learn to Meditate Introduction

Whether you are just beginning or are looking for a refresher in meditation, this course will be beneficial to you. Rev. Janice has put together an easy to follow meditation 101 just for you.  It touches on the main points so you have a better understanding of what meditation is all about.  Future courses will be offered that go deeper into the lessons listed below.

Through the use of videos and notes you will receive guidance in how to create your space, why meditation is key in optimum well being of mind, body and spirit. breath work, and journaling your meditations.  Wondering what you may experience? Don’t worry, that is discussed too!

Here are the lessons contained in this course:

  • Why Meditate?
  • Creating a Sacred Space.
  • Steps in Meditation.
  • What You May Experience,
  • Journaling your Meditation.
  • Time to Meditate – Rev. Janice will guide you through an actual meditation.
  • What’s Next?

All you need to do is register by clicking here on the Learn to Meditate Course and then follow the course at a pace that is good for you.  Ready? Let your meditation journey begin!