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Intuitive Psychic Readings

Rev. Janice Chrysler, Mindful Journey. Intuitive Psychic Readings

Receiving messages
for your Higher Good
at this moment in time.

My belief is that we all come to this little blue planet with an agenda in hand, determination to learn lessons and a list of people to meet and things to do.  However, once our beautiful spiritual being enters our human body we tend to get a bit distracted; taking a few off course turns.  I have the ability to read your vibration and energy with the guidance of *Archangel Chamuel and Spirit Guides and in doing so can bring clarity to your life situation.  Information comes to me about your near past, present and future and in this way you are shown choices and opportunities.  Don’t be surprised if a loved one who is in spirit or your own Spirit Guides come through with a special message for you!

The Goddess Speaks Oracle Card deck is used for the heart of your reading. Then, when directed by Spirit to do so, I will add in additional oracle cards.  Did you know The Goddess Speaks, Make It Happen, Light, Love and Healing as well as Beyond the Chakra oracle cards were created by me after being guided to do so during meditation?  I allowed Spirit to lead me in their wordings, trusting they will have great meaning to those who use them.  So far that is exactly what happens!

Private Sessions:

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These sessions are 45 minutes in duration.   I take this work seriously and should I feel Spirit has more messages for you or we need to chat a bit more I will; don’t worry, I always give you all the message!  Take comfort in knowing that I consider your reading a form of Spiritual Coaching and treat it with the same confidentiality.

Cost for a private reading is $65.

Intuitive Psychic Reading are available by one of these methods:

  • Online using Zoom. The great thing about Zoom is you do not need to travel and we can set up a time that is convenient for you!  I record the sessions then email you a link following the reading so you can download it for your personal record.
  • Over the phone. We set up a time and date then while on the phone I will select your cards. Then a reading is done for you.  I will take a photo of the layout and email or send it by text to you so you can see what cards I drew.
  • In Person. We can meet at my Marmora location.
  • You Host a Party. Would you like to host a reading party? Contact me for details and pricing as well as how you could receive your own reading at no charge.

How can you get an Intuitive Psychic Reading?

  • Use the contact information to set up your appointment or use the link below.
  • Once a time and date are arranged, payment is then received to reserve your spot.
  • If you would like the reading done via Zoom, an email with the Zoom link will be sent to you.

To Book your session >>>


“I had an opportunity to receive a “reading” from Janice Chrysler some time ago and I was very impressed indeed.  Our encounter lasted no more than 20 minutes, however EVERYTHING she mentioned during the session has happened as she described it would and is still ongoing…..Unbelievable!!!”

“Janice helped me connect with my father and confirmed my beliefs.  She also for seen obstacles months ahead I would be faced to deal with. Times were bad but knowing everything would be okay greatly helped me and provided information and therefore comfort I would not have had otherwise.  She has also helped me move forward in my life by confirming my beliefs which gave me the confidence I needed to push past my fears.  I thank you Janice for your help and support over the years and I look forward to seeing you again soon!”

*Archangel Chamuel Meaning – “He who sees God”, “He who seeks God”  The Archangel of pure love, Chamuel can lift you from the depths of sorrow and find love in your heart. He is the link between the Divine and man.”