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Workplace Seminars for Well Being

Rev. Janice Chrysler, Mindful Journey. Workplace Seminars for Well being

Together we create the perfect workshop or seminar for your group or workplace.

Workshops and courses can be designed for an individual group making each one unique and meaningful. What better way to bring a positive energy into a work place, learning facility or organization?

For over fifteen years I have had the pleasure of facilitating several workshops for the general public and business use. All are based on the importance of mind, body and spirit connection. Finding balance within brings balance in the home, at school and at work.

As a trained and experienced hypnotherapist and meditation facilitator I combine the techniques of both in order to provide an extremely meaningful and often life altering experience for the participants.  Through talks and exercises on how our minds work, how you can motive yourself through meditation and positive affirmations I can guide your staff on a path of manifesting the goals of both your company and their personal goals as well.

Having worked in both the retail and service industry and in the caregiver role through my profession and in a volunteer capacity, I am fully aware of the stress related to dealing with the public, meeting goals and deadlines, and keeping up with the changes in the workplace all while juggling family and life in general. By learning coping skills, you can make all things work! Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could offer your staff and yourself these tools? Not only would the work environment improve but these are things that can be used in everyday life.

It is vital that your employees be looked after if you wish your business to thrive.  Burnout, illness and fatigue are too often the cause of staff change over as well as mistakes and accidents in the workplace.

By incorporating simple yet effective methods of dealing with stress, setting goals and dealing with compassion fatigue you are not only giving your staff life coping skills but you are creating a happy, healthy and positive work environment.

Workshops at Work

I have conducted all day workshops, afternoon seminars and private sessions set up in the workplace for staff/students.  Here are a few places where this has worked out very well.

  • All day workshop entitled Rejuvenate, Refuel and Recharge...Rising above Compassion Fatigue.  This workshop is geared for ANYONE who works in the caregiver/helper role.
  • People returning to the workforce where they were given tools to give them self confidence and encouragement.
  • Insurance companies held staff appreciation day and here I taught ways they can relieve daily stress through breathing techniques, meditation and creating their own positive affirmations.
  • Staff and students at university learn the importance of meditation in their lives, relieving stress and setting goals.
  • I conducted lunch and learn programs for the staff and afternoon workshops for students covering topics of Letting go of fears, Better Sleep, Positive Thinking, Learning to Meditate, Manifesting What you Desire, to name a few.
  • I have been a facilitator at the colleges Mental Health Awareness Day, where I lead a workshop on how our thoughts affect our health.
  • As a Spiritual Coach, I have often been asked to conduct private sessions with staff/ students at workplaces, schools and various retreats.
  • Contracted as a facilitator for monthly programs at a fitness studio - Power of Your Thoughts, Releasing Stress, Sleep Perfect Sleep, Mindful Lifestyle, The Mind, Body and Spirit Connection.
  • Work with the local Medical Centre in teaching meditation for pain control, stop smoking, stress management. The staff there continue to recommend their patients to me.
  • I have been the weekend facilitator at a local wellness spa where I gave talks and private sessions to guests.
  • Presently working as the meditation facilitator for the monthly retreats for survivors of Sexual Assault.

Show the people who work for and with you that you care about their well-being by providing a seminar on stress management, manifestation, change your thoughts change your life or compassion fatigue. These are all valuable not only to the workplace or school setting but are lessons they can easily apply to all areas of their lives. You cannot give them a greater gift!

What are the benefits?

  • Create a more positive work environment and watch your business flourish.
  • Bring up the moral of the workplace by creating a more positive environment.
  • As employees learn and practice stress management there will be less time off sick.
  • Management will learn to lead in a positive and inspiring manner creating respect for the workers and themselves.
  • Everyone will learn to work together as they have a greater understanding of how negative thinking and words only bring down the workplace and carry home with them.
  • For students, these workshops empower them to face the fear of failure, release stress of deadlines, focus on reaching their goals.
  • Do you run a bed and breakfast, a spa or retreat? Then I can create the perfect speaking engagement for your guests… something they can take home with them!

Workshop Ideas

  • Rejuvenate, Refuel and Recharge...Rising above Compassion Fatigue:  All too often those working in the caregiving / helper professions become affected with what has been come to be known as Compassion Fatigue.  The very reason that inspired them to go into a profession of helping others has become a weight upon them physically and emotionally.   In this all day workshop we will not only cover what the symptoms are for Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma and Burnout but through open discussion and a variety of exercises learn the tools that will assist them in preventing and overcoming the stress and distress that can occur if ignored. This workshop can be designed for a specific workgroup for example teachers, councillors, physicians and nurses or those working/volunteering in shelters, hospice, victim services, or any other profession where caregiving /helpers are working.  Why wait until happens? This workshop can benefit not only those already in these professions but students entering these positions.
  • Make It Happen...Motivation.  Meditation.  Manifestation: This is an excellent 3-4 hour workshop that can easily be adapted for any workplace or as a personal growth course.  Based on the book by the same name, we will work through the steps of how we create our reality, how the conscious and subconscious mind work, positive affirmations, steps in meditation and manifesting your goals and desires.  This can be done with the idea of how a group can bring together the common goal or how each individual person can become all they can be.  The adaptations are limitless!  There is a lot of content that could be explored and this can easily be broken into a two or even three part course.  This would make the perfect retreat theme.  This is also an excellent workshop for those returning to the workplace as it will provide the tools to reach their goals.
  • Mental Health Healing through Meditation:  This workshop teaches the basics of meditation, benefits of a meditation practice in achieving over all well being and coping techniques in those stressful situations.  Easily a full day workshop but it can be beneficial as an introduction through a half day class.  This is wonderful for clients and staff as it can be used to ease the burdens of work and home.

Contact me to discuss the perfect workshop or seminar for your group held in person or online.
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A few comments from Trent University Wellness Department after attending a workshop:

" There were helpful reminders of behaviours and intent that I need to reintroduce into my practice."


" I enjoyed practicing the breathing and meditation exercises."


" The handouts were very helpful."


" Liked the flow of the workshop, lots to reflect on, too short!  Could have gone on for two days!"


"Learning about Compassion Fatigue more in depth allowed me to reflect upon my own work in terms of being more aware of my surroundings.  This will help me better understand what work is like for my coworkers and myself."


"Your calm voice was healing."


"Workshop was skillfully guided.  You gently guided us back to the task /presentation at hand."


"The meditations were great!  It was a good day to bond further with coworkers."