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Mindful Journey. Rev. Janice Chrysler

Mindful Journey

A safe and sacred space to learn, love and uncover your true potential.
with Rev. Janice Chrysler

Life is a journey and unique to each one of us.  What if all you need to do is take that first step out of your comfort zone for things to change? What if you were to find ways to fulfill your true purpose and discover life?  What if feeling unconditional love is not something you seek out in the world somewhere but uncover deep within you?

Whether you decide to attend a workshop, have a private Spiritual Coaching Session, take part in the webinars and online classes or sit back with a copy of  Make It Happen or Sally’s Closet, use the guided meditations or invite Rev. Janice as your speaker, facilitator or wedding officiant you will find something here to assist you in empowering yourself to bring positive and lasting change to your life.

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Meditation for Focus, Clarity and Peace of Mind

Make yourself comfortable and listen to the following Breath Awareness Meditation. You will soon feel all your stress and heaviness melt away as you become totally aware of your breath. Then, positive affirmations will fill every cell of your being to encourage, empower and enlighten you to manifest your goals.

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