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Life is a Journey Podcast

Season Three

In Season Two, Rev. Janice had the honour of interviewing some amazing people who shared their life’s journey. All ten guests answered the same nine questions revealing the bumps and turns on their personal life’s path. Now it is your turn!

Episode One:

Have you ever taken time to look at your life as a journey? What if you were to ask yourself deep questions about the roads you took, the detours that came up and all the adventures from the time you were born to where you are today? How would your journey look? Perhaps there were choices you made that seemed difficult at the time but now, looking back, you can understand the lessons you gained from that experience. Are there words of advice you would give your younger self?

Get out your pen and paper, write down this episode’s question, give it some thought, then truthfully answer it. By objectively looking at where you have been, the choices that brought you to where you are now, can help you to determine the route you need to take to reach your destination.

Question for this episode: ” When you were younger did you think you would be doing what you do now? “

Episode Two:

In Episode one, you were challenged to take a look at your younger self to see if you are where you thought you would be at this stage in your life. In this episode you will be digging a bit deeper…a time of reflection. This may take you a bit longer to work through but it is totally worth the time and effort. By answering this question you are examining and recognizing the influences in your life and ultimately, what is true to you today. Ready? Start writing!

Question for this episode: “How much do you feel your experiences from your youth, family environment and where you lived started to shape your ideas about your goals and who you were as a person?”

Episode Three:

Wow!  Here you are at episode three. I am so glad you have decided to take yet another step on your own journey of self discovery.  It isn’t always easy but here you are ready for the third question! How awesome is that? Are you ready for your third question? In this episode we take a look at detours along our life’s journey. Detours…I doubt very much if any of us have followed a straight path.  I know for myself, things often seem to be going along as planned, then bam! Something happens.

Sharpen up  your pencil and write down the following question: ” Did you have what you would consider “detours” along your journey?  Did you fight them or go with the flow?”

Episode Four:

No doubt that last question likely brought up a lot of memories.  As much as we would like life to go smooth and easy, the truth of the matter is we would not learn much if it did.

In this fourth episode you will be invited to take a long, objective look at your past experiences. Ready? The fourth question is: “What lessons have you learned along the way, especially from the tougher times?

Episode Five:

Looking deep into lessons learned is not always easy but we can learn so much from those experiences if only we allow ourselves to go there with an open mind.  Are you ready for your fifth question? Grab your pencil and write down the following : Can you see where what appeared to be negative times taught you a positive life lesson?

Episode Six:

Good for you for answering question four and five.  Looking for positivity in any situation is not always an easy task.  Are you ready for your sixth question? Grab your pencil and write down the following question: Do you find joy in what you are presently doing/inwardly feeling?  How important is that to you at this moment in your life?

Episode Seven:

It isn’t always easy to keep going but here you are ready to start the seventh question! How awesome is that? You are now ready to find out how flexible you are in your thoughts, words, and deeds. Grab your pencil and write down the following: Do you feel it is important to have a willingness to bend your ideas and change things up at times?  Why or why not?

Episode Eight:

Now you will be invited to take a moment to pause and then do a bit of time traveling.  You are now ready to give yourself some positive advice. Are you ready for your Eighth question? Grab your pencil and write down the following: What words of advice would you give to your younger self?  Especially when you were going through the dark times.

Episode Nine:

After answering this question, you may find you have a few more questions of your own and that is great.  Keep journaling, asking yourself those questions or these nine questions again.  Are you ready for your ninth and final question? Grab your pencil and write down the following: Is there a footprint you would like to leave for your family/community? Perhaps words of advice for those who are struggling on their own journey?

Season Two

Welcome to Life is A Journey…detours included. I’m Rev. Janice Chrysler and I invite you to come along with me as together we hold space with some amazing people who are here to share their stories…their stories about their own life’s journey and all the detours that led them to where and who they are today.

All my guests are asked the same 9 thought provoking questions. Every answer is unique to the guest and shows how they charted out their own life’s map, whether they were aware of it at the time or are only seeing it now by looking back.

Perhaps by sharing our stories we can help each other to find the path we need to follow, discover the truth about our purpose and to believe that we truly are endless possibilities. I encourage you to ask yourself these questions, listen to our guests, and then allow yourself to learn and evolve through their experiences. So, make yourself comfortable and off we go on another adventure because Life is a Journey…detours included.

Darcelle Runciman is a Reseller, a trained Residential Transition Specialist and a metaphysical minister. She offers Home Starter Solutions, and a variety of the latest in small appliances, technology protection, lifestyle, and outdoor gear. She assists with simplifying the new home set up process for individuals, couples and families who are starting over or starting out on their own for the first time.

Darcelle’s sister company Residential Transitions for Seniors, works with seniors and their families or advisors with residential transitions. The company works hard at making the transition smooth for both the senior and the family. During what can be the most stressful time/ transition of your life, Darcelle works alongside her clients to organize and move your items. She manages the logistics of your transition while you focus on the lifestyle journey ahead. Darcelle assists seniors, their families, the sandwich generation with relocation.

Laurane Bennett of The Point Naturals has been a maker of natural soaps and body products for 16 years. She has been a Reiki Master for 18 years, is certified in Angel Card Mastery and Crystal Healing Therapy with Kyle Grey out of the UK and has recently become a certified Shaman Practitioner with the Foundation For Shamanic Studies and is proud to be a member of the PARO group, The Soul Sisters.

Today it is my honour to have Joyce Ioannou as our guest. Joyce is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Reflexologist, owner of Cedars Wellness.  Joyce moved to the Municipality of Marmora and Lake, Ontario in 2020, with her husband Tom, their two children, 12 year old daughter Faith and 6 year old son Rio. to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Also making this journey with them are her 2 fur babies Harley and Batso.

Today’s guest is Rev. Tim Jones. After spending the first 28 years of his professional life as a police officer then as a private investigator, Tim took an about-face in life.

Re-educating, he was led to seek training in ministerial leadership with an offshoot of the United Church. As time went on Tim embraced the more welcoming philosophy of spirituality. He now serves as a Christian pastoral representative of the provincially authorised Metaphysical Ministry of Canada in Ontario, which draws its authority from the Bancroft Spiritual Centre in Bancroft,Ontario.

The ministry is the Canadian representative of the International Metaphysical Ministry (IMM)headquartered in Sedona, Arizona, with a robust community of over 7,000+ practicing IMM ministers in 120 countries.

Based in Caledon, Ontario, Tim has been a familiar figure across the region for the past 21 years representing many hundreds of families during their times of loss, by solemnizing their marriages, and by christening their children.

Rev. Mary Catharine Alderson is a retired registered nurse with a background in mental health and corrections. Like many, Mary wears many hats…minister, psychic/medium, hypnosis practitioner, artist, wife, mother and good friend! As an ordained Metaphysical Minister through the Bancroft Centre for Awakening Spiritual Growth, Rev. Mary is presently focusing on her ministerial path. Presently, she facilitates a meditation, healing and spiritual message night at the Brantford Spiritualist Church as well as conducting spiritual counselling and readings upon request. She is happy to perform Life ceremonies such as weddings and funerals. Being an artist, she enjoys leading Spirit Guide workshops where participants learn to draw their spirit guides.

Rev. Aaron Milic was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.

His own life’s journey led him to the Bancroft Centre for Awakening Spiritual Growth. Here he found new friends, new knowledge and new freeing understandings of life and the world, kindness, compassion and a peace with God.

Everything he has learned and continues to learn has only improved every aspect of his life.  As a musician and singer, it has opened his mind to writing about new positive subjects in his songs. As a public speaker in his jobs of walking tours and MC, he approaches everything with a fun-loving approach and calmness that puts others at ease.

Upon successfully completing the Ministry courses, he’s continuing his education by reading about subjects related to his studies, writing and photography and has started a new path as a wedding officiant and life celebrant.

Keen to help whoever and however he can, Aaron is proud to continue to volunteer and help with this fantastic organization and the great people who make it happen.

Rev. Lisa has spent the majority of her life studying religiosity, philosophy, meditation, mediumship and energy healing in pursuit of her own personal path to the Divine.  In 2013 Rev. Lisa was ordained with the Bancroft Centre for Awakening Spiritual Growth and following her heart, she continues to serve grieving families as a Celebration of Life Officiant.

Rev. Lisa became involved as a Hospice volunteer working with palliative patients and the elderly as a Personal Support Worker (PSW), and is certified in Palliative Care and G.P.A. (Gentle Persuasive Approaches).  Rev. Lisa completed her studies in Thanatology through Centennial College, in the End of Life Doula Program through Douglas College and is a member of the Death Doula Ontario Network.

She endeavours to provide support and to advocate for those individuals and their families who are facing end of life.  Rev. Lisa teaches the Ministry Program at the Meta-Spiritual Teaching Centre.. and is Vice-President on the Board of Directors. She assists Rev. Rita Marie in the management of the Ministry and by leading Spiritual Gatherings in Lakefield, Ontario and on Wednesday evenings on ZOOM.

Rev. Lisa is an inspirational speaker and facilitates meditation and women’s circles, solstice ceremonies and workshops and is completing her Masters degree in Metaphysical Science at the University of Sedona.

Reverend Glenn Stewart Coles is currently President of the Board at Orillia Star of Hope Spiritualist Church.

He was ordained with the Metaphysical Ministry of Canada in 2019.

Glenn is a healer, with experience in many modalities. He has been a Reiki teacher for fifteen years.

Glenn is the author of Soulwork 101: A Spiritual Guide to Personal Transformation.

He operates Shusia (shoe-sha) Publishing, a company that helps Canadian authors get their books for sale.

He also runs the facebook group Lightworkers of the World, with 350,000 members world-wide.

Carol Chapman is a Heart-Centered Practitioner & Guide, and a student and teacher of the Spiritual Heart. After a successful corporate career, she felt a calling to spread her entrepreneurial wings to help organizations and individuals be more heart-centered and tap into and live their truth. Eventually, this led her to create and host the Hearts Rise Up Podcast (named a Top Wisdom Podcast) and runs a digital site offering guided meditations for healing and mindset reset, coaching, and heart-centered courses for self-discovery, expanded awareness and self-mastery.

She serves as a guide for professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, humanitarians, and impassioned consciousness enthusiasts to be their inner authority. In addition, she’s a certified executive coach turned life coach, a certified emotional intelligence coach and trainer, certified train-the-trainer, and an author, writer and speaker. She’s travelled extensively, lived abroad, and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dawn James is on a mission to teach others how to raise their personal frequency for overall health and well-being. Following a profound spiritual event in 2003, Dawn began to see, hear, and feel the world from a higher plane of consciousness. Shortly thereafter, she became a writer, speaker and sound healer. She is an 8x author and has traveled 4 continents teaching workshops on how to raise your vibrational frequency naturally.

Dawn’s second passion is inspiring and mentoring others to own their voice and share their story – since 2010 she has assisted over 400 writers become published authors through her company Publish and Promote. In 2020 Dawn published her autobiography Unveiled

Do you feel as though you are at a crossroads in your life? Have you noticed that there are fears or repeated patterns that keep holding you back? Perhaps you are like many and feel this isn’t your first trip to this little blue planet.  Join Rev. Janice Chrysler as she talks about the upcoming podcast, Life is a Journey…Detours included.