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Welcoming the Light

Since the Fall Equinox, we have watched our day light shorten as our nights grew longer. Nature uses this time of darkness to rest, reflect and prepare for the months ahead. We too would be wise to look upon this time of year as our opportunity to look back over the past year to see what goals were met, lessons learned in order to help and direct us into the new year.

Too often we allow the negative experiences to overshadow our thinking and in time to block out the positive light of opportunities to be seen. If we consciously look at our past from an objective stance, we are then able to see what positive lesson we can take from the experience. By changing our mindset to look at life as a journey, full of detours, adventures and experiences, instead of rights and wrongs, failures and successes, we are then able to live a life from love and not fear, and with pleasure not pain. That is not to say we will not have moments of grief, sadness and anger, however, we will know that we have the choice and opportunity to change these feelings into joy, happiness and contentment…it is all up to us. Instead of trying to ignore how we feel, we can learn and evolve from it. Rather than holding onto negative emotions we can face them, release them and learn from them so they no longer hold us today to the yesterday. In doing so, we let the Light in, knowing we are deserving of the light, love, and healing of Spirit to guide us into a tomorrow we desire.

So, make yourself comfortable, listen to the meditation, “Becoming One with Spirit”, and welcome in the Light. You are worthy and deserving of this time. What better way to celebrate the Winter Solstice?