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Happy Imbolc

May the stirring of life underground,
stir new dreams into life within you.
May the flames of inspiration and new growth
be ignited within your Being.

~ Imbolc Blessing

Here we are half way between the Winter Solstice and the approaching Spring Equinox…a time to celebrate the longer sunny days (hoping the sun soon shows its face!), so burn those candles, make a delicious pot of soup or stew using the winter stored root veggies, and dream about what you wish to plant in your garden.  Remember as you are doing this, deep beneath the earth, seeds are beginning to come alive, sprout and grow.  Mother Earth is continuing the cycle of birth and rebirth.  She is reminding us that we too can bring to life our dreams and aspirations if we so wish.  What is it you wish to create? 

What dreams and goals lie hidden within you at this very moment awaiting to come to life?  NOW is the time to give birth to those thoughts…manifesting what you desire.