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Embrace the Day!

Whether you are awakened by the alarm, the hungry pet, the ambitious children or mother nature, there comes the time when you start a new day. What is it you do? Have you ever considered doing an “Awakening Meditation”? Did you know that not only can meditation relax your mind and body but it can be used to kick start your day?

The key to the awakening meditation is to give yourself a few moments (doesn’t have to be long at all!) to be in the “moment” and to be “aware” of your body and to set your “attitude” for the day ahead. Regardless of what lies ahead for you , it is important to remember that you are in control of your thoughts and have the ability to manifest. If you begin your day with negativity, that is what you will experience as that is what your mind is looking for. On the other hand, if you allow yourself to be positive, if only about one thing, then you will be open to attract more positive experience throughout your day.

Here are a few pointers for this awakening meditation. Why not challenge yourself to do this for the upcoming week? You will be pleasantly surprised how much better you will feel. It is an easy and beneficial way to bring positivity and gratitude into your daily life. What a wonderful and simple ritual. Happy awakening!

  • DO NOT reach for your phone (unless it is to turn off an alarm) before doing this meditation. This is to be the first thing you do.
  • Lie on your back, bending your knees up if this makes it easier on your lower back.
  • Keeping your eyes closed, take in a long slow deep breath through your nose and slowly exhale through your mouth.
  • Bring your awareness to the top of your head on the next inhalation, then as you exhale take your awareness down your body to your feet, being aware of how your body feels.
  • Now, allow your thoughts to go to acknowledging gratitude: blessings in your life, the first being that you are awake and able to embrace a new day.
  • Give thanks for this day, regardless of what is before you.
  • Say to yourself, ” I am thankful for the new day. I am in control, relaxed and open to receive positive energy into my life. I release what does not serve my higher good.”
  • If you have tasks ahead of you, take a moment to see yourself performing these tasks in a calm, positive manner.
  • If there is something you wish to manifest, picture in your mind’s eye you achieving your goal, and say.” I am open to see the opportunities to reach my goal.”
  • As you inhale, open your eyes, give a nice stretch on your exhalation.
  • When your first foot touches the floor, say, “thank” then as the other foot touches the floor, “you”.
  • Notice the calmness and focus that you have brought into your mind, body, and spirit.