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 Let Go and Become All You Might Be!

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” Lao-Tzu

“When I let go of what I am”…..not an easy step for most of us to take is it?  In order to let go, first we have to have a relationship with ourselves. Does our belief in who we are rely on our name, where we live, our job title or what others think of us?  If so, what happens to us when these things are taken away from us or truths are uncovered that we would rather have been kept secret? In order to really discover our true identity we need to go within on a very personal journey of self discovery. This is a trip we need to do alone for only we hold the key to unlock our purpose and we alone make the choices along our path. Too often we hide behind the fear of change forgetting that it was through our inquisitive nature as a child that we learned new things. Had we not followed our inner voice of pure innocence, curiosity and longing to learn we would not be where and who we are today. When we were children, we had not yet taken on the burdens of preconceived ideas, fears and limitations.  We knew only that we were here to learn, grow and to expand our awareness of all things.  Being one with the Universe, we were and still are filled with endless potentiality. The limits we have in our lives are ones we have placed upon ourselves.

When we refuse to move ahead in our life, whether it is taking a different job, meeting new people, reading a different book, learning anything new so that we can expand our mind and spirit, we lock ourselves in the past.  To continually repeat things we know is to stay in the past.  After all, that is what knowing is…. things you have already learned. Why do we choose to stop learning and trying new things?  Have we decided that this is it for us, there is no more that we need to do or can do in this lifetime? Do we hold fast to the false hope that things will change yet take no action to make it happen?  Clinging to the fears from yesterday and refusing to venture into unknown territory only robs us of any joy we could be experiencing today. 

Letting go of the past is a huge step forward but we are not through yet. Holding onto yesterday often goes hand in hand with worrying about the future as we huddle where we “know” what will happen next.  This worry will stifle our desires and growth from manifesting in our lives.  Precious “now” time is spent worrying about things we have no control over. Is this negative energy what we want to manifest in our future?  Remember we become what we think! Allowing negative energies today to be part of our being will develop into the worry of the future and once there, not having lived our dreams will become the regrets and remorse of yesterday.

Each of us has the power within ourselves to call upon the Universe and the Divine to create a life of learning, growing and contentment through the expansion of self-love.  We need to spend time with ourselves and recover that innocence we once had for life and self.  By believing that we can manifest whatever it is we desire in our lives, with the intent for the higher good, we put forth positive energy and love to the world as well.  There are no limits to what we can achieve if only we take that first step and believe.  How else will we ever know what we could be? 

Do you want to be at the end of your life wondering, “what if, should have, could have, why didn’t I”?  The one thing worse than failure is never having tried and being filled with regrets.  Life is full of lessons just waiting for us to experience. The sooner we realize we have the control within ourselves to break the chains of the past we open the doorway to endless possibilities.  The only limits we have in this life are the ones we put upon ourselves. We need to take this precious moment, this time of “now” and live it to its fullest potential. By taking the following steps, we can be well on our way to becoming all we might be!

  • Upon rising each day and before going to sleep each night give thanks for your many blessings. 
  • Take time to meditate if only for ten minutes twice a day (thirty minutes is better).  This takes you inward to discover who you really are, your desires and your purpose.  You feel calmer and connected to the Divine.
  • Think about what really makes you happy, what you enjoy doing then bring that into your life.  By bringing joy into your life you will find happiness and through happiness success. This positive energy will attract more of the same into your life.
  • Watch those thoughts!  Are you always putting a negative spin on things? Rethink in a positive way otherwise you will attract more negativity to you.
  • Be aware of the magnificence of Mother Earth. Take time each day to be in nature and truly breathe in its beauty and feel your connection to its energy.
  • Know that you are endless potentiality.  What is it you desire?  Put it out there through your meditations, vision boards, write it in your journal then be prepared for the Universe to provide – not always the way you expect though!
  • Let go of grievances, remorse, regrets, anger and hate.  There is no room for both sorrow and joy in your heart. These things are past, learn from them and move on.  It is not always easy but the benefits are life changing.
  • Do not worry about the future.  Put your desires out to the Universe with the faith that it will sort out the details for you.  Watch for the signs and opportunities when they arise, accept the challenge when it comes and give thanks when things are manifested in your life.

May today be the first day of your own mindful journey within to a path of self-discovery.