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Message for today

Let’s have a little fun. Take a moment and look at the above three The Goddess Speaks Oracle Cards. Take a breath, ask the Universe, “Is there a message that is for my Higher Good today? Then allow yourself to be drawn to that card. Is there one that you feel especially drawn to? Don’t over think it, simply let yourself follow your intuition.

Now we will take a look at the cards so you can see which one you selected and what it means.

Which one did you draw?

Card number 1 – The Crone speaks to you letting you know that this is a time of completion. A project you have been working on, a life change or even emotional and physical struggles you may have been working through are coming to a close. Just as the moon has its cycles of new beginnings and completion, so do our lives. Patience is needed and the belief that this too shall end will help you in allowing the cycle to end. Be willing to let go.

Card number 2 – The Maiden in all her innocence is speaking to you today. Now is the time for change. What have you been putting off ? Nothing will change if you do not change. This applies to your personal and business life as well. Take that big step and just do it!

Card number 3 – The Mother is encouraging and reminding you that you HAVE a purpose. Stop mulling over all the excuses you cannot do things and start focusing on what you CAN do and what brings you JOY. Direct your focus in this way and you will find your path. Perhaps you already know what that is. Well, what is holding you back? Embrace that purpose and live it!

Interesting when you look at all three cards as a reading. Not often in a three card draw does the Maiden, Mother and Crone all show up! The message is clear: NOW is the time to complete one cycle so you can allow things to change. Of course that will only happen if you are willing to make changes. Focus on your purpose, stop making excuses and go for it!