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How will you fill your space?

Yes, that is right, another reminder that life is what we make it to be. How we choose to look at the world around us, the people we are with, and the opportunities that present themselves daily is all up to us. We can decide that there is joy in the sunshine or choose to focus on the storm. We can see black and dismal skies or know that when the clouds pass, and they will, that the sun will shine once more. We can give thanks for the rain that feeds the earth or curse it for getting us wet.

If we are unhappy with situations and circumstance in our life, it is entirely up to us how we “feel” about them and only we can take action to make changes. Can we look objectively at our past and learn from it? What if we were to do the same with our present by opening ourselves up to see and accept the opportunities that are there for our taking? Are we strong enough to set our ego aside long enough to ask and then welcome help from others, from the Universe and from the Divine?

It is one thing to ask for help but a whole other deal to accept it. Too often we think we know how things should flow and in doing so shut ourselves off to the unexpected tools, people and places that can lead to our answers. What if we were to truly believe that we can and do decide how to fill our space in this life? What if life itself was all about the adventure and the experiences and it was up to us to decide how to fill that time and space in a way that creates and eventually tells our story?

We cannot go back in time to change things but we can learn from those experiences. Every one of use deserves love, happiness and joy and it is up to each one of us to bring those things into our lives and then share with others. Ask yourself, “How will I fill by time and space today?”