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Sally’s Closet…Audio Book


Mindful Journey would like to encourage you to believe in yourself, make this the year for positive self empowerment.   Now you can listen to Sally’s Closet while driving in your car, strolling along the river or curled up with a hot cuppa in your own comfortable chair.

Oh, the innocence of a young girl named Sally! Perhaps her story will remind you of when you were little, playing with your toys and letting your imagination run wild. Maybe you can relate to her experiences as she matures and moves through the growing pains that life can throw in her path.
What if you were like Sally and could have a closet that would hold all your memories? Would you be able to store everything, absolutely everything, in that closet? Would you want to? Is it possible to store things away and completely forget about them? Can you keep secrets without it affecting your life? Within the pages of Sally’s Closet, you will come to understand how your subconscious mind works to store all your memories and how choosing what you keep in there affects your life. Are you ready to do some closet clearing? Find out how to work through the sadness and secrets to find self-discovery.

Make yourself comfortable and  listen to this story of a young girl’s journey through sadness, secrets and self-discovery.