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Path to Self Discovery…Attunements and Affirmations

Did you know there are ways to attune yourself? What if you were to find /create the perfect affirmation that would help you to find your path, bring clarity, feel connected to Spirit and help you evolve in all areas of your life?  And, what if this only took a few short moments of your day?

Join this month’s Path to Self Discovery  Class as we look at Attunements and Affirmations.  During this 1.5 hour class we will:

  • Learn what a spiritual attunement is all about.
  • What should be in an affirmation.
  • How to word your own personal affirmation.
  • Discover simple tapping techniques to be used along with your affirmation.
  • Self hypnosis techniques.
  • How to help others with their affirmations.
  • Using this self -talk for all areas of your life: health, emotions, work, home, relationships, love, sex, money, peace, connection to Spirit…EVERYTHING

If you have a true desire to expand your spiritual growth, make changes, get more joy out of life, then this class will give you the tools you need.  All notes will be emailed to you following the class.  Registration is required in order to obtain the Zoom link.  Cost is $25.


Mar 17 2022


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm



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