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Back to the Past…past life regression workshop in person

BONUS!  Sign up early and save $45!  As an additional bonus, those completing the final survey will receive a $50 voucher which can be used towards a private Journey of the Soul Session!  How wonderful it that?

Have you ever wondered if you have lived before?  Do you find yourself drawn to a certain lifestyle, group of people, culture? Are you repeating patterns, or have fears from unknown sources?  Maybe you have an inner restlessness, a knowing, that you have a purpose to fulfil but cannot quite find it?  Perhaps you are simply curious about reincarnation and/or hypnosis as a tool to take you back in time?  If you have asked yourself any one of these questions then this online workshop is for you.

Welcome to Back to the Past where we will discuss, discover and experience what a past life regression is all about.  This is an afternoon, in person workshop, Jan. 28th, from 1 pm until 4 pm held in Marmora.  This workshop is facilitated by Rev. Janice, a Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression since 2007.  Over the years she has guided literally 100s of people into the past using hypnosis where they have received insight into fear, blocks, and attractions in this lifetime.  By going back to the root of an issue, healing can take place and those benefits can be brought into today.

Part One:

  • Reincarnation:
    1. What is it?
    2. Why do we reincarnate?
  • Cell Memory:
    1. What is it?
    2. Traumas, fears, and triggers.
    3. How cell memory affects our lives today.
  • Physical Conditions:
    1. How something from the past can affect us emotionally, physically today.
    2. Physical pain that cannot be identified.
    3. Outside triggers that cause a physical reaction.
  • How knowing the above can help in this lifetime.
  • Healing the past, heals the present and future.
  • Hypnosis Explained:
    1. Fact and fiction
    2. Why it is used for regression?
    3. How it can break patterns and promote healing.
  • Hypnosis Experienced:
    1. Led back in time to a younger you.

 Part Two:

  • Intent of regression:
    1. Setting an intent before going into a regression
    2. What is the reason for the regression?
      1. For example, traumas, patterns, curiosity
      2. Fears and phobias.
      3. Finding ones purpose.
      4. Attraction to people, places, cultures, occupations, interests.
      5. Reoccurring dreams, flashbacks.
  • Steps in a hypnosis regression explained.
  • Past life Regression:
    1. Rev. Janice will guide the group back in time.
    2. Journal the experiences.
    3. Things you may experience following the regression
  • Question and answer.

All materials will be supplied.  You may wish to bring your own journal to record your experiences and to take any additional notes. A survey will be sent out to each one to help you journal your regression experience.  If you are willing, a copy of  these questionnaires can be emailed back to me.  Once I receive the questionnaire, I will send you a $50 voucher to be used towards your private regression.

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Please note, that as with all private sessions and workshops, your confidentiality is of the utmost importance.  The information from the questionnaires may be used in  to assist Rev. Janice in her studies of  the use of hypnosis in Past Life Regressions.  Names would be changed as to keep your personal information private and secure.  


Jan 28 2024


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm



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Rev. Janice Chrysler, M.Msc


Rev. Janice Chrysler, M.Msc
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