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What You May Experience.

  • Overall sense of inner peace and full body relaxation, sense of calmness
  • You may see a variety of colours.  Sometimes there are bursts of colour, swirls, dots or waves across your mind’s eye.
  • You may feel a change in body temperature, especially when concentrating on a particular part of your body.
  • You may feel tingling or even numbness in your extremities when fully relaxed.
  • Restlessness is common when you first begin to meditate, such as twitching in your legs or feeling like you can’t sit still.  This is normal so simply ride it out.  It is your energy centres aligning and a good sign that “something” is happening.
  • Your mind may wander at first but that will improve with practice.
  • Your mind will not be void or empty of thoughts as you process over 60,000 thoughts per day and they are coming at you all the time.  You will just learn to set them aside for a bit.
  • You may even fall asleep as you become so relaxed.
  • You may feel like you’re asleep but will actually be in a very deep relaxation state.
  • You may see things other than what your guided meditation is saying…follow this and see where it leads you.
  • Your senses are heightened during meditation so you may actually notice various scents during this time, hear sounds or voices, and see vivid colours.
  • It is natural at first to try and over analyze your experience…don’t.  Remember there is no right or wrong.
  • As you continue to meditate you will notice that you are in a calmer, more peaceful and stress free state more often.  When this happens your pain is less and you are able to focus on the tasks at hand.