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Creating a Sacred Space

As mentioned in the previous lesson we are all ritualistic.  You will find if you take the time to create a sacred space when meditating that you will go deeper and faster into a relaxed state over time.  Here are  few suggestions.

  • Before you prepare a space, you may wish to prepare yourself.  Often you will be attempting to connect your mind, body and spirit to a higher force and find that even the simple act of cleansing your body, even if it is just washing your hands and face or even brushing your teeth before your meditation will represent a sign of respect and is a type of physical cleansing needed before a spiritual cleansing.
  • Wear clothes that are comfortable and do not restrict your breathing or circulation.  Some people like to have a blanket as they find their bodies get cool while meditating.  Natural fibers are best such as wool, silk or cotton as the CHI energy flows better through these fibers.  As well it will create a natural link to the earth.
  • Smudging is common in all cultures and religions for clearing the room of negative energy and entities.  While the smudging or clearing is being performed you have your intent set on bringing in positive energy to this space. You may wish to quietly recite a simple prayer, request a blessing, ask for all negative energy to be sent to the light, ask for only positive energy to be allowed into this space.  White sage and sweet grass are the most common smudges although any incense or even a candle can be used.  Remember it is the intention which cleanses the room and the ritual is an act showing the Universe that we are opening to receive.  As mentioned previously, these simple rituals will set your mind on focusing on meditating and relaxing. You may wish to burn incense throughout the meditation or have a diffuser sending essential oil scent into the air.
  • You may wish to smudge yourself as a sign of personal cleansing.
  • Another way of clearing the room is by sound.  Tingshaws are often used as well as bells, singing bowls, drums, rattles, and cymbals.
  • A lit candle symbolizes you are ready to begin.  Using a beeswax candle provides a clean scent and it purifies the air.  Since beeswax is natural it is better choice than paraffin wax.  Soy candles are another good choice.
  • Soft music may be played in the background to assist you in relaxing. And help to block out any street noise.  You should make sure the TV and radio, Ipod (unless you are playing your music through one) and telephones are shut off so that you have no interruptions.  Meditation is not a multi-function activity.
  • NEVER listen to a meditation while driving or where mental alertness is required.
  • Prepare a comfortable place to sit, lay or recline.  It is important that you do not cross your legs (unless sitting in the lotus position) or arms as you need to keep the energy (CHI) flowing throughout your body during meditation.  Where possible, your feet should be flat on a surface to ground yourself.  If you can’t do this, be sure to visualize it when you do your grounding.