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Journaling Your Meditation

It is helpful to keep a journal of your meditations, even if you don’t think you experienced anything!  Here are a few pointers to help you.

  • Write in your journal as soon as you are done your meditation.  Just like dreams, the memory may begin to slip away rather quickly.
  • Make note of everything:
    • If you saw something write down as much about what your visualized as possible. Do not analyze it just write it down.
    • What emotions did you have?  Where there times you felt sad, happy, peaceful? Did you cry, laugh or smile?
    • Did you feel like you fell asleep? Why do you think that?
    • Were you reminded of anything, anyone while you were meditating? What emotion was tied that experience?
    • Were there parts of the meditation that affected you more or in a different way than others? What were they?
    • Did you notice any colours? Any scents? Any sounds?
  • If part of your meditation was to do a body scan, make note of what you experienced as you went over different parts of your body.
  • Did you remember to use your breath work at the beginning of your meditation to help you get grounded?
  • Did you find it hard to relax?  Were you restless?  If so, was there a particular part of your body that bothered you or moment in the meditation that was unsettling?
  • Even if you were restless, at the end of the meditation how did you feel?
  • Did you notice anything different in this meditation than the one you did previously?

Once you have recorded your experience, even if you simply use point form, you can go back over it and take a more conscious look at everything.

  • Write down any experiences that happened that day that you feel could have affected what you experienced in your meditation.
  • Did you receive some clarity on a situation or decision you were trying to make as a result of your meditation?
  • Over all is your body and mind more relaxed?

Make note of any questions you may have about this meditation.