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Steps in Meditating

  • The key to a good meditation is comfort so be sure to wear clothing that is comfortable to sit in for the duration of your meditation.
  • Be sure all phones, TV and radios are turned off during this time so you will not be disturbed.
  • Make yourself comfortable sitting straight in a chair or sitting on the floor.  If you wish to wrap a shawl around you, do so at this time.
  • If using a guided meditation or soft background music, turn it on once you are all set to begin.  Often using headphones makes it easier to get into the moment as they help to block out every day noises.
  • Place your feet flat on the floor or in sitting cross legged, be sure the base of your spine is on the floor or cushion.
  • Place your palms up on your lap or by your side.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Breathing is key in relaxing and grounding yourself.  Breathe in long slow deep breaths through your nose, and then slowly exhale through the mouth.  This form of deep breathing does not need to be performed all through the mediation but certainly at the beginning and it is useful at the end of the meditation to “bring” you back to this environment.  Any time during a meditation if you become distracted, simply bring your attention back to your breath.
  • All meditation should begin with a grounding exercise. With the use of visualization, you draw up the energy of the earth into your body, allowing it to calm and relax you.  Next, imagine you can bring down the energy of the Universe. This is used to calm you down, balance your energy centres and assist you in feeling connected to the energies of the earth and the universe.
  • Surrounding yourself with white light is the intent that you wish to have only positive healing energy and love around you and will use this as protection and healing throughout the meditation. 
  • Now you are ready to use one of the forms of meditation.
  • At the end of your meditation it is a good idea to just sit for a moment and go over what you have experienced. 
  • Write your experiences down in a journal.