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Time for a Mindful Journey

As the day’s grow ever shorter, the air more frosty and the wind turns the water to ice, Mother Nature settles in for a long winter’s nap.  Whether you are the type who dreams of a vacation far away on a hot sandy beach or one who embraces the winter head on by sledding and hitting the ski slopes it is also the perfect time to take a Mindful Journey.  If you are looking for a unique travel experience, inexpensive and 100% satisfaction guaranteed to be the most relaxing time of your life, then this trip is for you.

In all the commercialism and hustle and bustle of everyday life, taking time to be still, breathe and reflect are often all but forgotten.  However, it is in these moments of meditation that true relaxation and rejuvenation are found.  The wonderful thing about a meditation experience is that no prior training is necessary, no special equipment needed and you can do this in the comfort of your own home, a hotel room, on a beach, in the woods or while seated in the airplane!  By simply closing your eyes, (obviously not something to do while driving!) and placing your awareness on your breath, you can begin to feel your body relax.  If only for a few moments, you can escape the world around you, your own thoughts and worries and journey into your inner world of peace and healing.  But wait, it doesn’t end there!  Oh, no!  If you continue with these little trips everyday, you will soon find your over all well-being is improved, you have more energy, sleep better, less stress which in turn creates optimum health  and most importantly, you will discover who you really are, your dreams and what it is you wish to manifest in your life. Sound too easy?

Taking the time for this Mindful Journey is key.  Like all good vacations, planning and arranging the little things is what makes it special.  First you need to convince yourself that you really do need this fifteen to thirty minutes a day just for you. All things in your reality begin with a thought.  If you are not centered and focused, how then can you expect your desires to manifest, your body and mind to heal or your spirit to find peace?  You deserve this time and like any good holiday, you can plan for it and make it your reserved time….no cell phone, computer, T.V. or Ipod, just you and your thoughts.  This is one trip that you can chart your route or just allow your breath to guide you.  Like any adventure it is the experience along the road that makes it memorable more than the destination itself.   Enter this with an open mind and open heart, without judgment or expectation and you will be amazed at what awaits you.  There are so many paths on this journey that you can take and discovering which one is right for you is half the fun. 

If you are a bit nervous about travelling alone and are like those who prefer to travel in numbers with a tour guide then  a group guided meditation would be an excellent venue for you, especially if this is all new to you.  Here you simply follow the directions of the meditation facilitator into a deep relaxation and travel to new and exciting places on the energy of the group. Perhaps you prefer to go solo and use a mantra or chanting to take you into the “void” or listen to singing bowls, flutes and gongs and allow your body to resonate with the vibration.  No matter how you choose to travel, you can be certain each trip will be unique and meaningful. However, do be aware that the road is not always smooth. You may encounter a bit of turbulence along the way.  When you go within yourself and begin to uncover areas of fear, worry and doubt that you have tucked away from years gone by, it is common to have emotional releases occur. Think of it as unpacking your suitcase of all the “stuff” you really don’t need for the trip and thus making room for the souvenirs you will gather from your adventure yet to come. The tears you may shed are making room for the light, love and healing you can now bring in; much better traveling companions!

Once your meditation ends, be sure to record your experience in a journal.  Like all good vacations, it is nice to look back and reflect and to see just how far you have come since your journey first began.  What are you waiting for? The time is always right to meditate, the experience is never the same twice and the weather is beyond perfect. The only thing that could be holding you back from taking this amazing trip is you. Book your seat today, and take your own Mindful Journey.