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The Garden of Manifestation

The beauty of summer surrounds us and invites us to relax and breathe in its sweet fragrances.  This season brings the fulfillment of the seeds planted in the spring; a reflection of our labours.  As we look around, we can see the vibrant colours Mother Nature is showing off in all her flowers, herbs and plants.  Even what we call weeds are at their peak and are adorned with brilliant blooms.  Bees, butterflies and dragonflies are busily buzzing from flower to flower in a frenzy of gathering the prized nectar that they know is only here for a short while.

Master gardeners know that patience is key.  You can’t have full-grown sunflowers in May!  First you have to decide where the best place is to plant them, then place the seeds in the ground at the appropriate time, nurture the flowerbed with water and warmth then wait. It is up to you to pull the weeds, keep the plants supported and fed. The summer will show the results of your work.  Is your garden full of weeds, choking out your flowers or have you kept the beds clear and open to receive the sunlight and allow the flowers to grow straight and tall? It is a lot of work, involving your time and patience. However, isn’t it wonderful to see even the tiniest of growth and maturity developing? Up from the ground where there was once only earth a new birth grows and matures.  Even if you do not plant your own flowerbeds, just look at nature in all it is splendour. Summer is the time you are given to relax if only for a short while in order to appreciate and accept the spectacular array of colours, scents and warmth of the world around you, for all too soon it will be time to harvest.

How is your spiritual garden blooming? At the first of the year, you most likely used the New Year to plan your desires and put your intent out to the Universe, trusting all the details would be sorted out.  In the spring, just like your garden, it was the time to begin planting the seeds of manifestation for your desires to germinate and take root.  It was the beginning of accepting that you would be shown opportunities to put your plan into place and trusting there was a time for everything.  After all, spring is the time of rebirth and creation. With summer you can begin to see the rewards of your efforts and patience. You should follow nature and use this season as a time to look at what has come of the seeds you sowed in the spring.

During this Spiritual Summer Season, take time to stop and look around your life and see if you have been open to receive the gifts that the Universe has sent to you or have you allowed the “weeds” of diversion to lead you away from your desires.  Were you patient in waiting and trusting that you would receive signs and opportunities when it was right for you?  Have you pulled out the weeds that were choking your growth or did you allow them to grow and strangle your own efforts at moving ahead?  By turning your back on your spiritual garden, you are not seeing the beauty of your own being. It is not too late to get in there and sort things out.  Just like the flower garden, it may take a bit of tugging and hard work to get rid of the weeds that are filling your space. However, once this is done you can use this season to stop, slow down, breathe deeply and relax. It is a time of restoring inner balance to bring your desires into realization.  You cannot do this if you are running in all directions and not focusing on any one thing.

Just as nature keeps true to its seasons, you too follow this same cycle.  If you feel as though you have experienced a storm in your life that has put you out of the rhythm of your plan, now is the ideal time to take a few moments each day to allow yourself the time to heal and reclaim your stillness. Soon you will be back on track and ready to reap the harvest of your manifestation.

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