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Purpose, Passion and Success

What is it that moves you, makes you want to get up in the morning, and fills your whole being with joy?  It is amazing how quickly we can list all the things in life and about ourselves that we find negative and down right irritating. However, what if you were to make a list of things that bring you joy? I am not talking about momentary happiness but things, no matter how small, that even in your darkest times can make you smile?  What if you were to focus on finding ways to bring that joy into every area of your life?  Difficult? Sometimes.  Impossible? Never.

The main cause of our holding back in reaching goals and living a life that is more peaceful and meaningful is…..ourselves! The fears that we hold onto often from childhood pop up without our realizing it and they are what can stop us from moving forward.  We can blame the government, our culture, our belief system, our family even the weather but at the root of most blocks is our fear of what others will think, fear of failure, fear of success.  What if we were to change our outlook, would our outlook change? DEFINITELY!!

What secrets are hidden in our minds from past experiences?  What memories are we hoarding in our mind closet?    What sadness is there deep in our hearts that we don’t want to remember or anyone else to discover?  If only we understood that we are not able to hide everything…especially from ourselves.  When we least expect it that door to our mind can burst open and we are forced to deal with what lies inside whether we are ready to or not.  Why not sort things out before this happens? Wouldn’t it be better to live from a place of peace, positivity, and mindfulness?

In our businesses and in our personal life, it is important to ask ourselves what our definition of success really is.  In our society, we all too often consider someone to be successful by the amount of money they have, the way they present themselves in the public eye, the clothes they wear, the car they drive and the home they live in.  But is this really what brings contentment, a feeling of accomplishment and joy to the individual?  Everyone whether in business or not should write their own mission statement…statements that outline what you stand for, your goal and purpose.  Now, if what you are doing does not live up to that statement are you willing to make adjustments in your life to make it happen?  Times like this we have a choice to get out our own way and make changes that will allow us to live in joy, purpose and to be successful or we can push against the flow of things and struggle to remain in the past. 

What is your definition of success? To me, it is living my mission statement.  I am willing to adapt to the needs of the clients not forcing them to need me.  I strive to live my mission statement and in doing so I feel I am successful in what I do.  Would others agree? Maybe.  Does it matter? Not really.  At the end of the day we all answer to ourselves.  I encourage others to write down their mission statement and in total honestly ask themselves if they are harbouring any fears that could hold them back?  Are they willing to do some mind closet clearing in order to make room for what they truly desire? By letting go of the secrets and sadness from our past we open ourselves to self discovering how amazing we really are and manifest what we desire.