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Past Life Regression Workshop

Have you ever wondered if you have lived before? Are there events that have happened to you in this life that left you feeling as though you had done that before?  Have you visited places, met people that seem so familiar yet you know there is no connection…at least not in this lifetime?

This workshop takes you inward to discover where your soul has been and what it has experienced in this life, past lives and often between lives.  As an experienced consulting hypnotist, specializing in Past Life Regression, Rev. Janice will take you on a journey to see how a past life or lives can connect with your life today.  You will look at your fears, habits, and life lessons that you may still need to learn in order to discover your true path today by taking this journey of the soul… back in time to a life before this one.  During this workshop you will see how healing can take place to release Karma and unburden your soul so you can grow and move forward.

During this two hour workshop  you will discuss:

  • Reincarnation – the philosophy behind it
  • Karma – what it is and is not
  • How past life patterns can come through today
  • How to recognize then heal from past life traumas
  • How fears can be associated with a past life experience
  • Healing from a past life event

Together Rev. Janice will guide the group into a past life regression so that you can experience what hypnosis is like, connect with a past life experience and do a healing exercise.  Please note, a group session is not always as thorough as a private session would be.  It is designed to assist you in experiencing what a past life regression is like, how hypnosis feels, help you to identify any fears.  However, many do experience some amazing insights and memories! Following the regression there will be time allowed to discuss your experience.  Rev. Janice will assist you in putting the pieces together.

Class size will be limited so you will want to register early to reserve your seat!


Apr 17 2023


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm



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52 Victoria Avenue
Marmora, Ontario, K0K 2M0
Rev. Janice Chrysler, B. Msc.


Rev. Janice Chrysler, B. Msc.
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