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Change of Seasons, Change of Mind.

Fall is in the air!  It will not be long and autumn will officially be here.  I have to admit, it is my most favourite time of year. I love the cooler temperatures, wearing a wrap at night, the coloured leaves and NO bugs.  The in-between time, like now when all this is happening AND we can still feel the warmth of the noon day sun, hear the birds as some prepare to travel south, the frogs are still singing their songs along with hundreds of crickets. Mother Nature moves through her cycles effortlessly; a constant reminder of her patience, presence, dependability and how one thing will come then go and another will take its place.There is no end, only movement. 

We would do well to really listen, watch and learn from Mother Nature.  Live in the “NOW”, breathe and understand that this too shall pass.  What comfort can come in these words during those troubling times knowing even the pain will fade away.  In those times of joy and happiness we are reminded to never take them for granted for we do not truly know what the next day or minute for that matter may bring.  We only have “NOW”.  Be grateful, enjoy it, learn from it, and above all walk through your day with mindfulness and not fearfulness.  Seek out the good in all things and all people and especially in yourself.  Rise above your fears, your anger, your sadness and shine that amazing light and love that resides within you for all the world to see.