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Beginning the Journey of Self-Empowerment.

The power of our thoughts, how these thoughts create our reality and how we can re-program our subconscious mind is all wonderful to discuss
but all the reading, talking and discussing will be meaningless unless we take the time to really apply all of these things to our personal lives. Then, just to make life a bit more interesting, guess what? Just when we think we have it all figured out and we are in balance, a bump in the road will come along and we will need to evaluate our thoughts once more. The good thing is, we can learn from our past experiences to assist us in making choices and expand our awareness even further.

An important step towards growth is accepting that every experience is meant to be and a life lesson can be learned from it. Certainly at the time it may be difficult to see where the lesson is within all the chaos and mixed emotions swirling around us but give it the Universal time it deserves and the meaning will be made clear. By finding that inner “peace core” we have developed through meditation and chakra balancing we can settle the dramas in our lives with ease and control.

Every choice we make will influence the people that are attracted to us, the people and places we seek out, and the reality we create in our lives. Some of the hardest tasks on our journey is to look deep within to see who we are not just to the world around us, but more importantly how do we perceive ourselves? It is our thoughts that will ultimately matter to us through our life’s journey so we need to be conscious of how we are thinking of ourselves.

The following exercise is to help you understand just how you do perceive yourself. Be honest when you answer this and remember this is you asking yourself how you feel, not how you think others see and feel about you. Make these answers apply to how you perceive yourself right at this moment, not yesterday, last year or hope to feel one day.

Do you consider yourself:
Beautiful …..Ugly
Smart …..Stupid
Inferior …..Superior
Competent….. Incompetent
Outgoing …..Introverted
Open …..Closed
Compassionate …..Selfish
Understanding….. Impatient

Think about the characteristics you chose. Write down the words that you feel describe you. The words do not have to be from the above list.

Now, go back and look at each word and after each work say to yourself,
“ I perceive myself as __, and this is a choice I have made.”

By looking at how we perceive ourselves we can then move on to examine the experiences that are occurring around us and see if we can link the two. Remember, if we create our experiences by how we think, then we are able to change our experiences by altering our thoughts as well. We are full of pure potentiality and there really are no limits except the ones we place on ourselves.

Now, go back over your list and decide if you want to continue looking at yourself that way. If not, then circle that word. This time, you will speak each word out loud, one at a time, and as you do, say to yourself, “I can choose to continue seeing myself as_______________, or I can choose to focus on my natural aptitudes and abilities instead.”

Write down how this makes you feel.

Practice this throughout the week and see what you notice about your thoughts and the life experiences that are presented to you.

Rev. Janice

submitted August 19