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Reiki Master

For over eleven years I have  been providing private Reiki sessions to individuals as well, as a Master, I have been honoured to have taught numerous others this ancient technique of energy body work who themselves have gone on to become Masters.   Using techniques I have learned not only through Reiki practice but in hypnosis I can combine this experience into a unique Clearing Session.  My clients have commented that it leaves them feeling completely empowered!  How does it get any better than that?

Chakra Clearing Session is a wonderful way to experience both a Reiki session combined with a Chakra Clearing Meditation.  You are guided to use your breath to go deep into relaxation as I gently clear your aura and energy centres through Reiki.  This session is about 60 minutes which includes time for discussion before and after the Chakra Balancing.

Rejuvenate and  Recharge Reiki Session: In this one hour session you will not only receive a complete head to toe Reiki session but also have your cells rejuvenated through use of the iMRS Mat (click here to read about it).  Then to end the session you will be totally balanced through the sound of the singing bowl.   Three amazing sessions wrapped up in one! How does it get any better than that?  Use the contact form to setup your appointment. Times available are Monday evenings 4 pm-8pm or Wednesday mornings 9 am -2 pm. Cost is $60.

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Healing Circle Spiritual Growth Classes

Things are changing....

For the past 10 years I have facilitated meditation classes, known as Healing Circle Spiritual Growth Classes at my home.  Beginning in the fall of 2017  the group will be moving to a larger location in the William Shannon Room in Marmora.  Each month there will be a spiritual growth lesson for discussion followed by a guided meditation and /or hands on activity and healing circle. It is here many new friendships are born, regrets, remorse and sorrow are abandoned and hope, peace and love are the gifts taken home!  Be sure to check the Calendar for dates and times.  

This is a sacred space where everyone can be open to speak what they believe, ask questions and express their emotions in a safe and loving environment. All are welcome! The only thing that is asked is that we all respect that each of us in on our own path and journey and to treat each other with respect and compassion. Since many open up their hearts to the group for support, what is said in the group stays here for healing and cleansing. We have often stated that it is a good night when somebody cries! 

I received this beautiful message from one of the people attending our classes:

"I am blessed that our paths have crossed. Every time I enter your home I feel an overwhelming peacefulness. The meditation members are insightful and are generous with their love. I am so grateful for having been able to heal thus far. Because of you I am no longer a victim to my pain. I thank you and the group for saving my soul."

Mindful Meditation for Mental Health

I have had the honour of working in the wellness department with staff and students at Trent University facilitating various workshops on personal growth and meditation.  As well, I have conducted seminars in various businesses, spas and volunteer groups to help the staff learn the connection between mental health and meditation. 

It has been proven that during mediation we can actually release stress from our bodies, alter the gray matter in a positive and healing way.  Why not introduce these techniques to your work environment or organization?  I would love to work with you in your work or learning environment to show you how to introduce the practice of meditation into your daily routine. Contact me today for more information. 


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I received my certification as a Hypnotherapist through The National Guild Of Hypnotists, which is internationally recognized for its training and members strong abiding to their strict code of ethics. All sessions, whether they are private or group are held in the utmost respect in regard to confidentiality. Through Hypnosis, I can assist others in bringing a sense of control back into their lives and then they are able to make changes necessary for their personal growth. Whether you are working through your fears, anxiety, grief, or need to learn positive ways to enrich your life, I can help you through hypnosis. One of my clients sums up the sessions this way:

"The treatments were awesome and very effective. I came out of each situation over the last year feeling stabilized, energized and enthused. I have learned about accessing my personal energy and uncovered a serious incident from the past that has certainly caused my life a great deal of strain. Moving past this situation has allowed my system to settle."

Journey of the Soul Session

Over the years I have assisted many of my clients with past life regressions.  These 1.5 to 2 hour sessions are what I now call Journey of the Soul. This session takes you inward to discover where your soul has been and what it has experienced in this life, past lives and often between lives.  Many people have come to understand their fears, habits, and life lessons that they need to learn in order to discover their true path today by taking this journey of the soul. Healing can take place to release Karma and unburden your soul so you can grow and move forward. These sessions are most effective when done in a private setting however, group sessions are also very useful as a way of introduction to both hypnosis and past life regression. I have conducted a number of workshops on this topic.  Contact me for more information and cost

Read about Jane's Journey of the Soul and see how it helped her uncover some interesting facts about herself.


NEW! Child Birthing Hypnosis

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you felt you were in control of the comfort and ease of giving birth for both you and your baby?  The good news is you are!  "Child Birthing Hypnosis" is a series of self-hypnosis recordings that will gently guide you in mastering you own comfort levels during your pregnancy and during labour.  How amazing is that? 

Each recording is approximately 13-20 minutes and is to be listened to daily. By the time your baby is ready to be born, you will have mastered relaxation techniques, how to numb your body to control pain, release body heat, and so much more.  Your mind is a fabulous tool and you can use it to bring comfort, calmness and control to your beautiful birthing experience.  Purchase by semester at the Shop...

Read a testimonial to these Child Birthing Hypnosis Series:

"I appreciate these recordings so much from the ease of using them to feeling relaxed and refocused after listening, everything is great.  I love the nature background music and sounds too."

"I am starting to loose the energy I was fortunate enough to be gifted in my second trimester as I enter my third, so I have been listening more frequently lately as I am stationary more now. The recordings are very helpful. I also feel as if I get overwhelmed a lot easier, and anxious about what needs to be done. After listening I more easily refocus and can put things in a better perspective, helping me cope. It is a challenge not being as physically or mentally capable as you were a few months ago."

" I am very happy with the recordings. I would have loved to have this in my first trimester. I had a lot of worry in my first trimester since I had miscarried twice previously and truly feel I would have benefited from the first trimester recording. 

I am so grateful to have connected with you"

"I've been getting motion sick on the bus to work lately. I used the breathing technique/hypnosis technique with my hand to calm my self and get control over the sickness. It worked! "



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