Services Include:

Spiritual Growth Facilitator

  • Training Workshops for Lightworkers
  • Self Empowerment Workshops
  • Workplace seminars for well being


  • Guest Speaker
  • Live Webinars
  • Book Signings

Life Ceremonies

  • Baptism or Naming Ceremony
  • Home & Business Blessings
  • Memorial or Funeral
  • Wedding

Intuitive Psychic Readings

  • In person
  • via Skype or email
  • Group functions
  • Psychic Fairs


  • Reiki Master
  • Meditation
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Essential Oil Workshops

Spiritual Coaching

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Make It Happen -

the book that will change your life

Make It Happen Webinar Series

Click here to view Power of Your Thoughts...

Click here to view Power of Your Thoughts...

Now available on INSTANT REPLAY.  Follow this link to learn more about this series....

Why not send a friend request so you can see all the latest posts ? Click here to visit Mindful Journey Page.  Be sure to "like'!

Why not send a friend request so you can see all the latest posts ?

Click here to visit Mindful Journey Page.  Be sure to "like'!


Welcome to Mindful Journey;

a safe and sacred space to learn, love and uncover your true potential.

 Whether you decide to come to a workshop, have a private Spiritual Coaching Session, watch the webinars or read Make It Happen, use the guided meditations or use Rev. Janice as your speaker, facilitator or wedding officiant you will find something here to assist you in empowering yourself to bring positive and lasting change to your life.  

Life is a journey and unique to each and every one of us.  What if all you need to do is take that first step out of your comfort zone for things to change?  What if you were to find ways to fulfil your true purpose and discover joy in your life?  What if feeling unconditional love is not something you seek out in the world somewhere but uncover deep within you?  Let Rev. Janice guide you on your own Mindful Journey.

Rejuvenate & Recharge Reiki Session:

 In this one hour session you will not only receive a complete head to toe Reiki session but also have your cells rejuvenated through use of the iMRS Mat (click here to read about it).  Then to end the session you will be totally balanced through the sound of the singing bowl.   Three amazing sessions wrapped up in one! How does it get any better than that?

Book your session in the month of September for a fall special of only $60 and save $15 from the regular price. Use the contact form to set up your appointment. Times available are Monday evenings 4 pm-8pm or Wednesday mornings 9 am -2 pm.

Healing Through Meditation...

September 25th, 6:30 pm - 9 pm, Soul investment $45 

Do you feel stuck? Working through changes in your life such as grief, loss of a job, a move, relationship or seeking a more meaningful purpose in your life?  Wanting to expand your understanding of how the Chakras work in mind, body and spirit well being? Would you like to know how to use your inner strength to make positive changes in your life?  Learn more about this amazing workshop and to register.....

A Journey of the Soul

We all need to go within first in order to make changes in our lives.  Regardless of what material things we acquire, where we live, who we live with, our job or our financial situation we will never feel contentment until we discover inner peace. Through meditation we begin this journey by becoming aware of our own breath which is the source of life. By becoming open to the oneness we have with nature, the Divine Creator and each other a new understanding of all things is born. But when there is a block in this, hypnosis can be the answer that will jumpstart our cleansing and growth by taking us deep into our own memory to unlock the mysteries of our past.  Only we know what they are and only we can experience them.

Wondering how a Journey of the Soul session can help you?  Read Jane's Journey of the Soul story  and learn how hypnosis helped her to to heal and to grow. Ready to book your own Journey of the Soul?  Contact Rev. Janice....

If you are feeling “stuck” and truly desire to move ahead, perhaps this is the time for you to allow yourself to take a trip of a lifetime and you won't even have to leave the chair!

Office Hours and Location!

Rev. Janice is using  office space at the newly formed Community Hub at the four corners in Marmora (37 Forsyth Street).  Located on the second floor of the library there is an elevator if stairs are a problem!) the office is easy to find and parking is right there too.  

Book your appointment on Mondays 4 pm -8pm or Wednesdays  9am -2 pm.  Watch the calendar for other dates and times for various seminars and workshop.

Power of Your Thoughts

Join me as I explain the power of your own thoughts and how you can sort things out to create your own reality.  

Youtube Channel

Why not join Mindful Journey's Youtube channel for more videos?  It is as easy as clicking on this link...

Mindful Journey's mission is to assist others in awakening spirituality in all aspects of their life practices with light, love and healing.