“I would say I “use your services” because I trust you, believe that you have my best interests when dealing with any problems I may have, make me comfortable and most of all, have changed my life by changing the way I deal with others.  I have grown since knowing you and have learned so much from you.  Plus you have become a very, very good friend.  Namaste E.”
“I would say that what ever I require at the time is received in a multitude of experiences.  Some times all my body is looking for is no phone, no talking, no thinking, just quiet and I get that so thanks.” D.
“Where to start? I chose to come to you because you project a professionalism mixed with good old approachable human kindness.  And humour.  Mostly, I felt I could trust you and that your energy is strong& compassionate.  I keep coming back because you offer incredible energy work that I feel is directed to my greater good.  I leave your Reiki session feeling strong, centered and grounded."
"I wanted I send an email to give thanks for finding you and Reiki and for the many blessings both have brought into my life. 

I never connected with the faith teachings of my family-of-origin and knew deep down that this left a void in my being. Reiki has allowed me to reconnect to my spirituality. It has given me the tools to find spiritual and holistic well being in my life. I feel more present and full now in my life. 

Reiki has encouraged me to reconnect with and become more aware of the strength of my intuition. Now that I have this connection I am mindful of taking actions to nourish as oppose to dull this sense. The positive changes for my health have been countless. I have been able to decrease my caffeine intake substantially, and  incorporate regular smudging and meditation into my life. 

Last but not least, reiki has allowed me to harness my awareness of my physical being into a more constructive and less critical direction. I would encourage anyone who is even curious about reiki to try it out!" 

"Janice has been a great resource for me on my spiritual path and her hypnosis and readings have always helped me. I would highly recommend having a reading from her and using her services." D.R

"Janice is our "Sage of Wellness." She nurtures our minds, bodies and spirits. Her wonderful wisdom, healing hands, and sagacious soul are true gifts." Namaste, L.H.

"Janice helped me connect with my father and confirmed my beliefs.  She also for seen obstacles months ahead I would be faced to deal with. Times were bad but knowing everything would be okay greatly helped me and provided information and therefore comfort I would not have had otherwise.  She has also helped me move forward in my life by confirming my beliefs which gave me the confidence I needed to push past my fears.  I thank you Janice for your help and support over the years and I look forward to seeing you again soon!" Michele

"I had an opportunity to receive a "reading" from Janice Chrysler some time ago and I was very impressed indeed.  Our encounter lasted no more than 20 minutes, however EVERYTHING she mentioned during the session has happened as she described it would and is still ongoing..... Unbelievable!!"

"For many years I have had the great pleasure of sitting with Janice Chrysler in meditation. Whether we sit together in the form of one of her transformational meditation workshops or by listening to the sound of her voice on one of her many meditation recordings, Janice is able to create calm, reflective, and healing spaces. Janice's workshops have provided me an opportunity to engage in self-care practices and explore the inner feelings of my heart. This has been extraordinarily helpful for me, especially in times of grief and loss, life transitions, and when deciding which life path to take next. Through her leadership, knowledge, and passion, Janice has   empowered me to develop my own healing practices, which has been life changing. I highly recommend Janice and all of her meditation workshops." L.G.

"I have been attending meditation sessions for about 3-4 months now. I cannot express strong enough how much meditation has helped me with my depression and anxiety. I have had the pleasure to get to know Janice and she has changed my life for the better. Her group and all those that attend are fabulous. I am very grateful to have Janice and the sharing of all her knowledge in my life. I am blessed that our paths have crossed. Every time I enter your home I feel an overwhelming peacefulness. The meditation members are insightful and are generous with their love. I am so grateful for having been able to heal thus far. Because of you I am no longer a victim to my pain. I thank you and the group for saving my soul." Lou

A few comments from Trent University Wellness Department after attending this workshop:

  • " There were helpful reminders of behaviours and intent that I need to reintroduce into my practice."
  • " I enjoyed practicing the breathing and meditation exercises."
  • " The handouts were very helpful."
  • " Liked the flow of the workshop, lots to reflect on, too short!  Could have gone on for two days!"
  • "Learning about Compassion Fatigue more in depth allowed me to reflect upon my own work in terms of being more aware of my surroundings.  This will help me better understand what work is like for my coworkers and myself."
  • "Your calm voice was healing."
  • "Workshop was skillfully guided.  You gently guided us back to the task /presentation at hand."
  • "The meditations were great!  It was a good day to bond further with coworkers."