Spiritual Coaching

Helping you to reveal your light….

Helping you find your light…

Life is a journey that each of us travel. Often you will take this trip with others and find yourself either following a leader, joining in the pack or sometimes you may find you are the one to lead. Everything and everyone moving smoothing along. Then it happens; you realize you need to be doing something different or something is missing from your life. You find yourself at a turning point in your life either by choice or not when you have to make decisions about work, family, relationships or to follow your heart. It is during these times when you must walk the walk alone.

A huge part of your journey is discovering the path to follow that will allow you to fulfill your purpose. That may include overcoming blockages you have created out of fear that are stopping you from believing in yourself. There may be times of tremendous grief where you feel so overwhelmed that you are sure you will never heal whether it is through the death of someone you love or a failed relationship. It could be a job that is not working out or has run out. Even during those times when it would appear on the outside all of your life is in order you know within your heart there is an emptiness, perhaps anger, turmoil and restlessness. What about those times when you are truly happy and 95% sure of what you should and could be doing but need confirmation, a few tools that will help you move forward or a plan so you stay on course?

All of these times along your journey is when Spiritual Coaching can come to your aide. You don’t need to be alone! It is so much easier to sit in a safe, and sacred space where you will be heard without judgment then gently guided back onto the right path.

  • Do you feel stuck?

  • Working through grief?

  • At a crossroads in your life and feel you need guidance?

  • Are you ready to ask yourself the bigger questions about life?

  • Looking to find your purpose?

  • Feel like you have gotten off your path or need to start a new one?

  • Want to feel relaxed?

  • Long for inner peace?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions then I can help you on your journey. When you come for a Spiritual Coaching Session I will use my training and experience and trust in Spirit to guide you through a meaningful session.  Your sessions may include one or a combination of Intuitive Reading, Hypnosis or Reiki. All of these are designed to bring balance back into the mind, body and spirit connection for over all well being. Every session is worked around your needs and for your higher good.

Personal spiritual growth is:

  • finding your connection to mind, body and spirit in whatever way that is true to you

  • a way to put spirituality back into your life so that you find great improvements in your emotional and physical health

  • a tool to work through grief, life changes, and fear with the inner peace we all long for

  • a way to eliminate the obstacles that are preventing you from moving forward

  • a way to discover your own path and purpose.

  • moving forward by healing mind, body and spirit

Tall order? It isn’t as unattainable as you may feel. Discovering the wonder of “you” is where it all begins.

Private sessions are approximately one hour in length with the exception of Journey of the Soul Hypnosis which can be up to two hours.  Although even one session can be extremely beneficial I do strongly suggest at least three sessions spaced one to two weeks apart. In this way we can work together to make positive life changes and provide you with tools you can use after the sessions are over. What would be involved?

  • Week one we would go over what you feel is your main concern.

  • Set goals for the three weeks and just the week ahead.

  • Yes, you will given some “soul”work to do before your next visit.

  • Week two will start with reviewing how things went since we last met.

  • If we need to amend your direction we will.

  • Some more “soul”work.

  • Week three we review your goals for short term - have they been met?

  • What do you need to do from this point forward to stay on course?

  • As mentioned above Intuitive reading, Reiki and hypnosis and meditation will be woven through these sessions where needed.

Spiritual Coaching is also available in the form of workshops and talks for groups. Each one is uniquely designed to meet the needs of the individuals attending.