"Kids Can Meditate Too!" Guided Meditation


"Kids Can Meditate Too!" Guided Meditation


Think kids don't have stress? Remember they too are going through changes that they often don't understand and because all these life experiences are new to them children often find it hard to express themselves. Meditation gives them a tool that they can carry with them throughout their lifetime. You are encouraged to join your child(ren) when they do this meditation, especially the first few times to assist them in doing the exercises at the beginning. As they progress, they may wish to go directly to the guided meditation. What better way to spend 20 minutes but in a family meditation?

Janice gently leads children ages 4-11 through the basics of meditation by explaining:

  1. What is your mind, body and spirit?
  2. What is meditation?
  3. How to blow up your belly balloon? ( deep breathing used for relaxation)
  4. What is visualization?
  5. What and who are spirit guides and angels?
  6. Guided meditation with positive affirmations.

All of this is gently explained ending with a short guided meditation that will bring a sense of peace and calm to the child's mind, body and spirit. 

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