Quit Smoking Program

Many people have asked if hypnosis helps to quit smoking?  My answer is always if you are ready to make a change and follow the program, the program works. I cannot make you do anything against your will but I can provide you with the tools, the confidence, and positive outlook to assist you in creating your reality, whether it is to stop smoking or any other change in your life.

Changing anything in our lives, especially smoking, takes will power and determination. Visualize yourself as though you have reached your goal, then believe it, and you will achieve it. This program is designed to be used along with the guided hypnosis.

  • Mark the calendar 21-28 days from now as your quit date. By putting something in writing you are more apt to reach your goal..it is like writing a contract with yourself.
  • Take time each day to sit quietly, with no distractions (turn off the phone, the tv, radio etc) and listen to the cd.  Follow the instructions in regard to breathing, visualization and allow yourself to relax and absorb the positive messages.
  • NEVER LISTEN TO THE CD WHILE DRIVING as it is designed to put you in a state similar to sleep!
  • Do no smoke in your car, your house or anyone else’s
  • On week one, cut the number you smoke for the day in half. Do not borrow, bum, buy or sneak any more. If you smoke less great! But do not save them for the next day…..throw them away…remember you are in control! Each week cut the amount you smoke in half until you arrive at your smoke free date…celebrate being a non-smoker.
  • Keep all ashtrays, cigarettes, lighters away where they are not handy to reach. If you usually carry them with you, keep them in a cupboard, the glove box of your car etc. This makes you think before you reach for a cigarette.
  • Take a high potency vitamin B – stress formula - as smoking robs your body of this important vitamin and since many reach for a cig during time of stress, this will help to build your body back up.
  • Eat citrus fruit for vitamin C and to cut the sugar impulse that often comes from smoking.
  • Caffeine and alcohol consumption are often greater in people who smoke…this is a deadly combination for your body! Although getting rid of two or three habits at one go may seem difficult, at least attempt to cut back on these intakes and you will notice your craving for a cigarette is lowered as well. QUITE SMOKING AGREEMENT
  • DRINK PLENTY OF WATER as you want to flush the nicotine from your body.
  • NEVER GIVE UP. Have a rough day and you feel you didn’t do so well? That is okay, because you can continue to use this recording to help to get you back on track. Every day is a new day to begin again. Believe and you will achieve your goal.
  • If you need to, stay away from situations, people and events that have a negative effect on you reaching your goals at least until you feel confident in your progress.