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Make It Happen is an incredible book that guides you on how to discover your true passion, and how to motivate yourself with concrete steps towards taking action! Rev. Janice Chrysler who is a certified hypnotherapist helps us understand how the mind works and how we can release fears for living our true purpose and how being open to receive can change the dynamic of us being able to achieve those goals.

As a great leader, Rev. Janice walks with you as she guides you to get in touch with what moves you, your fears, letting go and how you can then move forward and step out of your comfort zone to make it happen in your own life. There are great exercises, and steps on how to create a positive affirmation and how to use meditation. A fantastic read for those looking to create lasting change for their life to do what they love to do! Make sure to get a copy of this book to Make It Happen for your life!”

Rev. Darcelle Runciman B.A., B. Msc. - Contributing Author of, The Power of Women United.

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Ebook Format is also available 

Make It Happen is available in ebook format! No more going to another website to find it either! You can download this amazing book for only $9.99and download will begin right away and you can start reading today.  You can order yours today directly from Mindful Journey Shop....

Radio Interview with Ophelia

Listen to a radio interview where I discuss Make It Happen with Radio Interview on Diva Coach Ophelia

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Make It Happen Workshop

Are you like many people who look to the New Year as a time to start fresh, create a new you or live your dreams? Perhaps you are like many who begin this way but soon find themselves falling short of their goals leaving you feeling defeated.  Struggle no more!

Based on Rev. Janice's book, Make It Happen. Motivation. Meditation. Manifestation., this workshop is a straightforward, no holds barred approach to rising above all those fears that have been stopping you from moving forward in your life.  You will examine what it is that moves you, brings joy into your life as well as facing head on those fears that have created a wall limiting you to all you can be. Then you will discover the. power of your own thoughts in creating your reality and steps to put you onto the path of success.

This workshop is both empowering and fun.  Class size will be limited to promote discussion and personal time with Rev. Janice if you desire.   This workshop will bring together all the points covered in the Make It Happen Webinar ( see descriptions below) PLUS all you to journal, make a vision board and experience a manifesting meditation.

The class material will include:

  • An autographed copy of Make It Happen.

  • Make It Happen workbook. (Not available anywhere else!)

  • Journal

  • Meditation CD

  • I will also come to your workplace or provide space for your staff...contact me for arrangements.

Make It Happen Introduction

Do you ever wonder where you are going in your life, if anywhere? Do you ask yourself what is my purpose to my being on this little blue planet at this moment in time? It is not uncommon to have these questions pop into our minds from time to time.  Sometimes these thoughts are only there for a brief moment, hardly noticed, like a soft summer breeze passing through. Then there are those times when your search for your purpose seems to weigh heavy on your consciousness almost consuming your every thought and breath.  What if this is your Higher Self seeking and prompting you to explore your present situation and begin discovering your soul’s journey?

What if where you are is exactly where you are meant to be at this moment in time? What if you didn’t need to know or understand every step of the way in order to fulfill your destiny? Could it be that all that is expected of you is to take one step at a time and in this way you discover who you are and what you are meant to do? Too often you can get caught up in the how, why or why not of the situation and lose sight of your purpose and your desires. You may even forget that your reality is created within you and what you see around you is unique to your soul’s growth. By accepting that you are doing the best you can at this moment in time and making the most of each day you will soon find your way and realize you have the power within to make changes through your thoughts, belief in yourself and to manifest what you desire.

Once you are sure of your purpose you will then be busy finding ways to make it happen! By letting go of limitations on how things should go you will be open to receive all the countless opportunities that are presented to you.  Many lessons in patience, compassion and understanding as well as self-acceptance and self-love are learned in this part of your journey.  By accepting that there are endless possibilities all around you and freeing your heart of past negative emotions and future worries you are then able to allow pure potentiality to be exposed and take form. It is about having faith in those things you cannot see or fully understand and then believing that your intuition and spiritual connection to Spirit and the Universe will guide you where you are to go.  Believing you are here for a reason at this moment in time and trusting the Divine will give you the directions you need when you need them will bring you through every treacherous passage.

There will be choices to make along every step. There will be times that you choose a less traveled path and in doing so may either come to learn many personal and powerful lessons for your own evolution or you will be the pioneer who opens up a whole new trail for others to follow.  There will be times when you travel with others for either a long time or a short trip. Many times you will feel you are alone on this journey which can send you on a seemingly spiral decent into the Darkness of the Soul.  It is during those times that you find in the stillness of mediation and contemplation the strength and wisdom to continue along your path. This journey will have many ups and downs, twists and turns. Each one a new adventure to be explored and remembered. Some will bring you pleasure and some will bring you pain but all of them will help you to become more spiritually enlightened if you allow the Divine’s unconditional love to work through you.  This love is always within and around you. You only need to find the stillness in your heart centre and allow it to flow without effort through every cell of your being to awaken your soul’s journey.

It is through this journey of self-discovery that will awaken the knowing you are the creator of your own reality. Within your mind, body and spirit lies the power for you to MAKE IT HAPPEN!