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Dream Weaver Workshop

No doubt you understand the significance of a good night’s sleep for overall well being but what about those dreams you have?  Too often you may dismiss them as making no sense at all and simply composed of random thoughts and hiccups of past memories.  What if they were much more than that? What if you were given tools to help you remember them upon awakening and then unravel their mysteries by understanding the symbols and signs?

During the Dream Weaver Workshop you will not only discuss the following topics but you will also experience a “dream hypnosis” where I will gently guide you into a past dream to uncover its meaning or take you into a dream like state where you will be shown things of meaning today. You will then be given time to journal your experience, talk about it with the group if you wish and get help interpreting your dream.

What will we discuss at the Dream Weaver Workshop?

·         Different phases/stages of sleep

·         Where dreams fall into the sleep pattern

·         What happens when we dream?

·         What is the difference between a dream, bad dream and a nightmare?

·         Do dreams have meaning?

·         Symbolism in dreams, where and how to find meanings

·         Review some common symbols that occur in dreams

·         What colours mean in dreams.

·         Importance of how the dream made you feel.

·         Journaling your dreams; the importance of recording your dreams.

·         Things to do prior to sleep to remember our dreams.

·         Are all dreams predictions?

What is included in the Dream Weaver Workshop?

·         A dream journal to record your own dreams.

·         Handouts to cover the above topics.

·         A “Dream Hypnosis” experience and opportunity to have your questions answered.

·         A link to download your own Dream Hypnosis to use at home.

This event will be held in the William Shannon Room, 37 Forsyth Street, Marmora, 1 pm – 3:30 pm for the soul investment of $50.  Simply wear comfortable clothing, bring a pillow and a blanket and yoga mat if you have one and all the rest will be provided.  Registration is required. 

Earlier Event: October 8
Office Closed for Holiday
Later Event: October 20
Healing Light Holistic Fair