Chakra Clearing Sessions

What better way to start out 2017 than by clearing out your energy centres and releasing what you no longer need? 

Through this unique session I will use Reiki to soothe and relax your body while gently guiding you through a chakra clearing meditation complete with personal affirmations. Then you will lay quietly as your session continues with PEMF session ( go here for details on what this is, other than amazing!)then finally your session will conclude with the tone of the singing bowl.

You deserve a time to rejuvenate and refuel.  For the soul investment of $60 this one hour session will leave you feeling completely relaxed and at peace.  Book your spot early to avoid disappointment.  First session will be at 9:30 am with the final booking at 5:30 pm.

Held at 52 Victoria Ave, Marmora.