Spring Cleaning for the Soul

So nice to see the snow go away, the birds come back and the sun getting warmer.  Yes, the Universe will not let us down; the cycle of spring is coming!

Soon you may feel the urge to clear out the cupboards, put away the winter decorations and trappings to make room for the rebirth of spring.  Clearing your home or workplace will allow the energy to flow more freely and give a sense of rejuvenation to your living space.  It is time to shake things up, move out those things that no longer serve us and prepare to bring in new adventures, lessons and experiences. It is time to plant the seeds of manifestation and do the necessary work to make our thoughts our reality.  

However, just as our physical living space requires spring cleaning so does our spiritual body.  When was the last time you cleared your chakras so you could be more aware of your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies?  When did you last ask yourself the three soul questions:  Who am I?  What is it I desire? What is my purpose?  Before you get out the rakes and shovels or the cleaning rags to wash your windows why not take a few moments to put your spiritual self in order?  Here is a short and simple Chakra Clearing.  Happy spring cleaning!