Love, Happiness, SMILE!

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. Buddha

Too often we forget how easily happiness and love can be shared.  In times of trouble, illness and sadness of our own we may not think we have anything to give to another.  If we are sending love and healing to others we may find ourselves feeling our energy being drained and we may feel uncertain if we can give any more.  Especially during these times we need to feed our soul happiness by sending and becoming joy to others.  In this way we continue the universal cycle of giving and receiving. 

Sending happiness out into the world does not have to cost us a cent, although if we are able to contribute in a monetary way to help others then do it!  It can be as simple as remembering to SMILE!  Have you ever noticed what a difference that makes when you simply take a moment to say, “Hello”, to someone and smile?  That little act of kindness shows someone you care enough to speak to them, acknowledge them and the smile sends them love.  Some may not want to receive it right then but it will be received at some point.  BONUS – you will feel better doing it too. 

We are in a beautiful time of the year if only we would look around and notice the beauty.  Have you stepped outside, taken a deep breath, gave thanks for another day and smiled?  Allow a moment of peace to flow through you then take that peace and pass it on.  Maybe you can pick some flowers and share with reason, just to spread some joy.  Perhaps you could use some flowers in your home to brighten up a corner, take some to your work place so others can share them too. 

So many times a kind word, a smile, a little gift, spending an extra few minutes in conversation with someone can turn out meaning so much to that person.  If we follow our higher self and let go of the fear or reaching out to others, we will soon find we are spreading happiness and in turn it will come back to us.  As Buddha says, the life of the candle is not shortened by lighting other candles.  So too with love, joy and compassion; when shared you are not depleted.  In fact you will find your own life being filled with wonderful experiences; the simplicity of the everyday takes on new meaning.

The more we allow ourselves to become happiness and love instead of searching for it we will come to realize it was inside of us all along.


This week’s challenges:

Spread happiness every day.

  • Here are a few things you may want to try.  Be sure to add things you do to this list.
  • Start every morning with gratitude – smile.
  • Walk around your yard bare foot to feel your connection to the   earth – smile.
  • Bring some flowers into your home, or plant some in your garden, pot some for your porch – smile.
  • Make a point of saying hello to people you meet – smile.
  • Take a deep breath outside and really notice the scents – smile.
  • Do something for yourself that brings you peace – smile.
  • Call an old friend just to say hello – smile.
  • Usually call your children, family on a certain day? Call on an off day just because – smile.
  • Tell someone you love them, they are loved, and don’t forget to tellyourself you are loved – smile

We are all unique and wonderful Beings of Light here to learn and evolve.  We will discover that during our evolution we will experience challenges that make us re-examine what is true to us.  That is okay, it means we are ready to move on. 

  • Be gentle on ourselves as we travel our path. 
  • Allow time for our own happiness and joy.
  • Be okay with spending time doing something just for us.
  • Remember to meditate so we can stay connected to Spirit.