This week the cards say….

Wow! What an amazingly awesome weekend!! The Universe could not have provided more perfect weather. Now let’s see what the word is for the upcoming week.  Are you ready?

Beyond the Chakra Oracle Card is taken from the Crown Chakra:

“Enlightenment is not something you seek or bring into your life but rather it is already within you.  Your purpose is to be still and reconnect to your Higher Self and the Divine in order to awaken this spark and allow it to fill every part of your mind, body and spirit.”

Look around you and see the beauty in the colours of nature, hear the whispers of Spirit in the rustling of the leaves and feel the cleansing power in the crispness of the breeze.  Here is your connection to the Divine. Open up your soul and let it in and let yourself out! Take time to meditate, be still and know!