Stop Psychotherapy Takeover

“At a time when people by the millions are abandoning conventional treatments for emotional, mental and physical issues of life in favor of dignified, effective alternatives, the ability of Ontario practitioners to lawfully offer alternative and natural therapies such as hypnotherapy, counseling, EFT, NLP and spiritual ministering may end in the fall of 2014 if serious action is not immediately undertaken.
Anyone who is not a Registered Psychotherapist and who provides any sort of verbal or non-verbal therapy or counseling for emotional, behavioral and cognitive issues and especially those who do not sport a Master’s degree or an equivalent, including clergy, hypnotherapy, EFT, EMDR, Reiki and NLP practitioners may be severely affected.”

Well, here we go again! I am strongly suggesting, no telling you to read this article on the Stop Psychotherapy Takeover website.  If this law passes in the fall, ALL alternative practitioners will be put out of business unless they meet the Ontario College of Psychotherapists regulations. They have included ALL sessions, private or groups, that involve any form of emotional and spiritual support. Of course, if you agree to take their courses and follow the regulations they tell you to do then maybe you can practise.  People come to us because they want mind, body and spirit work otherwise they would use the conventional route. We ARE trained in what we do and know when someone requires help we are not trained to give. I cannot even imagine what this group would do for some of my clients. I can see it now:

Client:  “I hear meditation is good for relaxation.  When I do it I often hear voices or see dead people floating through, is this normal?”
Psychotherapist: ” hmm, you definitely have attachment issues so I am going to prescribe a medication for you that will block all that out.”

Not only would this take away our rights as practitioners to do what we do best, help others, but it would take away your rights as a citizen to choose your own form of healing. Please, Please, Please, take time to read this report and check back often to see where you can support the action to stop this!