Reading for the week

Drawn from the Beyond the Chakra Oracle Cards we find this week’s message:

Let your creative side shine!  Paint a picture, take a photo, enjoy a walk, read a book, write a poem, bake a cake or fix a bike, whatever brings you joy, find it and live it!  If you can conceive it, then believe it, you will achieve it!

How appropriate for this week! Many of us feel summer has truly begun once July rolls around. Everything is green and lush, activities that we save up for warmer weather are in full swing and of course the long weekends bring us with some extra time off work.  This card reminds us to remember to do things that bring us joy and to open up our creative side. Let our hair down so to speak and get out there and live life! As in the post above I mentioned that now is the perfect time to begin acting on those things we wish to bring into our lives as we have the New Moon energy to assist us.

This is the week to have fun, find our joy and get moving on it people!


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