A Week in Review

Wow! What a powerful couple of weeks, especially this past one! Has anyone else noticed the enormous power of the moon’s energy as it was coming in and now leaving? So many people I have talked to have experienced the same sensations that I have. I can’t say I have enjoyed it but I will honour it and trust all is as it should be.

Now is definitely the time for introspection through meditation. Great releases are happening which could, if you are like me, leave you with feelings of sadness, inadequacy, physically and emotionally drained, no sleep because the mind is quickly bringing up past hurts and/or making more out of present day situations than need be.  You may experience physical discomforts which cannot be diagnosed. In other words your world is turned upside down!

I am listening to my guides and Higher Self and not engaging in conversations that could lead into needless arguments or hurt feelings. Remember, the other person is likely going through the very same feelings as you are and the result is everyone is on the edge of working from a place of ego. That discussion never ends well, believe me! Take time for yourself just to be outside, walking, working but mostly connecting to the earth. This is definitely a time to be grounded with the earth.  Allow time for silent meditation. Don’t be afraid to ask what this all means? Let yourself release so that you can be open to what the future has in store.

It can be difficult even when you know your path but if you have faith that the guides, angels and Spirit will lead you and protect you, you will come through this stormy time. Personally I feel September is bringing many changes for me. I have no idea what they will be but I trust this past couple of weeks is preparing me for what lies ahead. (and I must say, I look forward to things calming down – don’t like negativity!)