A Reminder from the Angels

This week’s Beyond the Oracle Card is a wonderful reminder that we are never alone. With all the releasing many are experiencing at this moment in time it is nice to know there is help close at hand to help us through these emotional times.

Help is never far away if only you would remember to not only ask for it but be willing to receive it when it is sent to you.  Allow the Universe and the Divine to send you what you need in whatever form best suits you at a particular moment in time.  Never over look a gift of love.

It is in those time of meditation that we can go deep into our heart and really feel and see what need to release and let go. Once that is done, we can be filled with love and compassion but again, we are the only ones who can let that love in.

Trusting that Spirit will provide us what we need at just the right time will help us through the darkest times in our lives.  Remember it is through the darkness that the light shines! Knowing that there is a master guide, angel or teacher there to hold our hand and show us the lessons we are learning will lead us through anything.

Pray, meditate, listen and live.