What are you doing November 6th?

As the full moon rises high in the night sky, why not join us at The Infinity Centre for an evening of Desserts and Divination? Not only will you learn how to use Beyond the Chakra Oracle Cards, eat dessert and drink tea but because it is a full moon I just can’t resist adding as a bonus for the evening a Drawing Down of the Moon and Invoking of the Elements Ceremony to kick off the night! Wow! what great energy will be flowing that evening.  Did you know during a full moon is the best time to get a reading? How much better it will be when you are all reading your very own deck of oracle card…yes you get to take a deck home with you!

I am so excited to be working with Rev. Darcelle Runciman at this wonderful event. Let go of any misconceptions you may have had about readings, using your intuition, oracle cards and celebrating the full moon by coming out and seeing first hand what this is all about. This will be a fun and informative evening. The cost is only $35 and you get all this:

1- Desserts and tea

2- An opportunity to take part in a Full Moon Ceremony

3- Learn how to use oracle cards and a pendulum in divination

4- Receive an introduction to the Chakras, what and where they are.

5- A chance to win a door prize

6- learn a short meditation

7- Have an opportunity to visit Infinity Centre, shop their store

8-Receive your own deck of Beyond the Chakras Oracle Cards to take home

WOW! I feel like I am writing an infomercial!! But I genuinely am excited about this workshop and the chance to show you my cards. As well, I will have newly released cds available that evening as well.

Please register – we do want to have enough desserts!. You can pay at the door.  Visit The Infinity Centre facebook to sign up!