Services Include:

Spiritual Growth Facilitator

  • Training Workshops for Lightworkers
  • Self Empowerment Workshops
  • Workplace seminars for well being


  • Guest Speaker
  • Live Webinars
  • Workshops 

Life Ceremonies

  • Baptism or Naming Ceremony
  • Home & Business Blessings
  • Memorial or Funeral
  • Wedding

Intuitive Psychic Readings

  • In person
  • via Skype or email
  • Group functions
  • Psychic Fairs


  • Reiki Master
  • Meditation
  • Consulting Hypnotist
  • Self Empowerment Workshops

Spiritual Coaching

  • One on one coaching
  • Group talks /workshops

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How can I serve you?

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Whether you are looking for a private Reading and Spiritual Coaching, Reiki session, Journey of the Soul or Hypnosis in my office I am here to guide you.  Why not host a group session in your home with your friends and family? Could your workplace use a speaker or facilitator to help with Stress Management, Compassion Fatigue, Goal setting and overall well being? I work with you to design the perfect fit for your environment.  Contact me for more information....

Make It Happen -

the book that will change your life. 

 Order your copy today!   Visit Shop....

Order your copy today!  Visit Shop....

Don't want to wait for the mail? Why not order your PDF version and download it today?

I have has been performing wedding ceremonies since 2007 and every one is designed with a little something special for the couples because after all no two couples are alike. Be sure to check out this video to see a few of the weddings from 2017. What are you waiting for? Contact me today for your quote.

 Why not send a  friend request  so you can see all the latest posts ?  Click here to  visit Mindful Journey Page.   Be sure to "like'!

Why not send a friend request so you can see all the latest posts ?

Click here to visit Mindful Journey Page.  Be sure to "like'!

Youtube Channel

Why not join Mindful Journey's Youtube channel for more videos?  It is as easy as clicking on this link...

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Be sure to visit the Calendar often to be in the know of upcoming events.  


Welcome to Mindful Journey;

a safe and sacred space to learn, love and uncover your true potential.

 Whether you decide to come to a workshop, have a private Spiritual Coaching Session, watch the webinars or read Make It Happen, use the guided meditations or use Rev. Janice as your speaker, facilitator or wedding officiant you will find something here to assist you in empowering yourself to bring positive and lasting change to your life.  

Life is a journey and unique to each and every one of us.  What if all you need to do is take that first step out of your comfort zone for things to change?  What if you were to find ways to fulfil your true purpose and discovr life?  What if feeling unconditional love is not something you seek out in the world somewhere but uncover deep within you?  Let Rev. Janice guide you on your own Mindful Journey.

Animal Totem Meditation.png

Healing Circle Meditation

Next Circle May 28th - Meet Your Animal Totem

Join me the last Monday of each month as we come together in meditation, healing and learning.  These Healing Circles are open to everyone, men and women and every level of meditation experience - or not!  

There is no charge for these Healing Circles simply bring an open and mind and heart.  Since spring is just around the corner, I thought I would start fresh on March 26th with the Learn to Meditate series.  Great time for newbies to come out!

The Guiding Light Workshop

makes a thoughtful  gift too!

Katharine Grace of Studio Grace, will be guiding the Pendulum portion of this hands-on workshop. We’ll be covering the proper use and care of this very powerful (and very handy) divination tool. She will be gifting you with your own amethyst and crystal pendulum and then guiding you through:

  • How they work
  • How to charge and connect with your pendulum
  • How to care for your pendulum
  • Finding lost objects (or people), 
  • Identifying health issues and selecting health care,
  • Identifying Chakra imbalances
  • Identifying the right career, the right home, the right people.

Part two of this amazing workshop you will get to explore using oracle cards. Once you choose the deck you want I will be your guide through discussions and of course hands on demonstrations to discover:

  • What are Oracle Cards?
  • Exploring and connecting to your deck
  • Charging the cards
  • How to prepare your space and yourself to read the cards
  • Layouts for one, three and five card draws
  • How to read for someone else
  • Clearing the deck

Soul investment is only $60 for this two hour workshop. Everything you need will be provided including your own pendulum and oracle card deck!  Registration is required as the space will be limited to ensure lots of hands on practicing.

Other Mindful Journey and Studio Grace products will be available for sale that day as well.  Be sure to contact me should you have any questions.

Workshops for the Workplace...

I work with you to create the perfect workshop or seminar for your group or workplace. Workshops and courses can be designed for an individual group making each one unique and meaningful. What better way to bring a positive energy into a workplace, learning facility or organization? 

Mindful Journey's mission is to assist others in awakening spirituality in all aspects of their life practices with light, love and healing.